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Sysadmin Meeting:


  • Getting to know each other
  • Fill in the details about our current hardware situation
  • Global plan for the future (S16).
  • Plan to replace ktown with something that does not belong in a museum


  • Culemborg, KovoKs Office, near Utrecht, NL (airport: Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam are all fine).


  • Thursday arrivals, monday departures.
  • Somewhere in March or April?


  • Ben
  • Tom
  • Ingo
  • Eike
  • Jeff
  • Dirk
  • Optional: mneisen, dfaure, David Solbach, sayakb

Budget needed:

  • Toma: Euro 0.

Possible dates in March, April (note: 22-24 april is easter and 30 april is a crazy national holiday in NL).

  • Toma: Rather not on: 4-6 march and 11-13 march (but no blockers).

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