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This is the planing page for the first ownCloud developer sprint. We will meet, discuss and hack together for a long weekend. ownCloud is an important project for KDE and KDE users because it is a bridge technology to make KDE ready for the challenges of a connected world and Cloud Computing


  • Discuss the future of ownCloud
  • Discuss the next release
  • Hack on ownCloud
  • Have fun

Date & Location

  • Date: 15-18 April 2011
  • Location: Stöckachstrasse 16 , 10190 Stuttgart, Germany (hive01 Office)
  • Lodging: to be determined


  • ownCloud 2.0 planing
  • Syncing client for KDE
  • Versioning
  • Plasma integration
  • KConfig Integration
  • New Web Interface
  • Plugin Infrastructure
  • GSOC status
  • Amarok Integration
  • Akonadi Integration
  • Usability testing
  • more


Please list your name and send a message to [email protected] if you want to attend the meeting.

Also add yourself to the mailing list: [1]

Name Arrival Departure Cost From
Frank Karlitschek Fri AM Mon -
Robin Appelman Fri >18:00 Mon +-170 Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Jakob Sack Fri Mo +-160€ Aachen (Germany)
François K ? ? +-100€ (France)
Kunal Ghosh ? ? ? Bangalore(India)
Jan-Christoph Borchardt Fri Mon - -
Arthur Schiwon Fri Mon ~240€ Berlin

I added the "from" column so that paticipants can see if they can travel together. Jakob


Here is the tentative schedule from the mailing list. Please adjust or add comments:

    • Morning
      • Arrive
    • Afternoon
      • Arrive and Hacking
    • Evening
      • Dinner and discussions
    • Morning
      • Discussion of ideas and Hacking
    • Afternoon
      • Hacking
    • Evening
      • Beer and Pizza
    • Morning
      • Discussions and hacking
    • Afternoon
      • Hacking and presentation of the ideas
    • Evening
      • Early departures
      • Dinner topic: world domination and next steps
    • Morning
      • Depart and Hacking
    • Afternoon
      • Depart



  • Nice new ideas for ownCloud


  • Nice new ownCloud features

Blog and News Articles

  • Add link to blog article