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WIP !!! This is a document that describes the processes needed to organize the Randa Meetings. It's ordered chronologically. !!! WIP

Some general notes WIP

  • Topic selection
  • Doodle for date selection
  • Reserve the house
  • Setup sprints.kde.org page
  • Close page on sprints.kde.org
  • Mails to participants:
    • First mail about next steps in organization, possible fundraiser (with their help), strategies to lower the budget, etc.
    • Ask participants for confirmation of their participation
    • Info about money they need to bring
    • Info about power plugs in Switzerland
    • Info about train tickets: where and when they get it
    • Info about warm clothes
    • Info about...
  • Finish the budget
  • Search for sponsors and fundraiser
  • Organize the train tickets for Switzerland and how to distribute them at the airports
    • Get the information from the participants about when and where they arrive and depart
    • Organize and buy the train tickets (currently the "Gemeinde-Tageskarten" are the cheapest way)
    • In the end you still need to organize how the people get their tickets at the airports
  • Helpers and kitchen team
  • Get an interview published in the local newspaper "Walliser Bote"
  • Add sponsors to Randa-Meetings.ch
  • Start the Randa Meetings ;-)

Start the Randa Meetings

  • Distribute the signs
  • Open the registration office
  • Tell people where to sleep

Run the Randa Meetings

  • Inform the kitchen team each day about how many carnivores and vegetarians will eat
  • Keep the infrastructure working
  • Get the money for the food from the participants
  • Get the money for the extra linen
  • Make report session at each dinner where the groups tell about what they work on and plan to work the next day(s)

Cleaning strategy for the day of departure

  • Everybody left the sleeping rooms at 9.30h
  • Bring all the pillow sheets down to the wash room (NOT the blanket, fold them)
  • Vacuuming the rooms, check if there is one pillow and one blanket (folded) on each bed
  • Dust the computer room, pack the computers and puzzles and put all chairs on the tables
  • Vacuuming all the group rooms, bring whiteboard and co to the registration offce and check if there are enough chairs and tables in there
  • Clean the bathrooms and bring all the towels down
  • Bring all the stuff over to the Chalet

Fundraising notes

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