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Kitchen Information

Most of the time, Hadrien is in or around the kitchen, and he can organize stuff for you. But when he's not around, here's some things you should know about the kitchen (and more importantly, about the coffee machine).

Coffee Machine

Usually, the coffee machine shows a menu of choices. You press the button, and coffee comes out of the *right* hand side spouts. Not the left -- that's for hot water, I think. Right hand side. Be sure you know which is which, even when you have not had any coffee yet.

if the coffee machine is not showing the menu, there are three things it can want:

  • Empty the grounds tray. Remove your cup. Pull on the tray where you normall place the cup; the whole bottom half of the machine comes loose, revealing a long T-shaped unit. There's a container for coffee grounds -- empty it in the trash. Dump out any water / stale coffee into the sink. Rinse the water collection basin, and then push the whole thing back into the coffee machine where it came from.
  • Fill the water tank. On the top of the machine, on the left hand side, there's a door that opens upwards; underneath is the water tank, which has a handle that folds upwards as well. Grab the handle and lift the whole tank straight up. Fill it with cold water from the tap, then gently lower it back where it came from. It should slot into the machine neatly.
  • Fill the beans hoppers. For this, ask Mario, or [ade], or Thomas, or Hadrien -- all of whom know where the coffee beans grow.


Please tidy up glasses, cups, chocolate wrappers whenever you have a chance. It keeps the place nicer for everyone, reduces our workload at the end of the week when cleaning the whole house, and discourages mice, raccoons and bears. Every room should have a trash can for trash and a tray for collecting cups and glasses.

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