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Multimedia schedule whiteboard

Discussion Schedule

Timestamp Task
Monday, 10:30 Community building discussion
Saturday, After the 15:00 talk by our fearless leader PCM and Game API discussion
Saturday, After the PCM/Game discussion Sound themes
Sunday, 11:23 AM Hugs!

Shared Topics

  • Getting and Keeping Contributors - Monday morning
  • Manual
    • Amarok's manual sorting
    • KDEenLive manual advice
  • Qt5 topics from Platform_11 - Friday 10:00
  • Sound Events (Sound Theme support in knotify)

Amarok Topics

  • Documentation - Reordering chapters of the manual and preparing it for Docbook export and translation
  • Artyness - Continues hacking by KRF and Stecchino
  • Usability
  • Redmine - setup of a testing prject on http://demo.redmine.org, project 'roktest'. Considering a testing instance on projects.kde.org, to be discussed on [email protected] and with the KDE sysadmins.
  • Bugfixing - regression fixing going on, set all bugs older than 2.4.1 to NEEDSINFO status to clean out forgotten fixed bugs.

Phonon Topics

  • State Machine - Thursday afternoon - Done
  • Phonon 5
  • Games/RT API
  • QML/2
  • QA
  • Stable release schedule
  • Target Audience

KMix Topics

  • Phonon and PA integration
  • Ubuntu sound menu

KDEnLive Topics

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