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Plasma Sprint 2018

Saturday 2018-04-21 - Friday 2018-04-27

Location: Endocode AG, Brückenstraße 5A, 10179 Berlin, Germany.

There will be projectors, paper, pens, chart paper etc available.

Endocode will take us our for dinner probably on Thursday (we can invite other KDE people out to this if we want too). They will also buy us lunch one day. Other days we need to cater for ourselves, there is a supermarket next door to buy lunch food and a small kitchen to prep it.

We can stay in the evenings up until about 23:00 when the lifts stop working.

Rohan will meet with Endocode on Friday to pick up the office key. He'll open up on Saturday morning to start the sprint.

KDE e.V. has a party for their new office in town on Saturday 28th.



Where to stay

Some booked Köpenick 1 AirBNB flat, 14:00 Sat Apr 21 to 11:00 Sun Apr 29, Köpenicker Straße 47A, Berlin, Berlin 10179, Germany, with space for 7 in beds + 1 in sofa.

David has details of host and will coordinate with him to get access.

Others staying at Motel One Alexanderplatz


Nearest bhan to Endocode: S+U Jannowitzbrücke (Berlin)


Please put your name below if you're coming along with arrival and leave dates

Name Arrival Leaving Accomodation
David Edmundson (Keyholder) Sat 21/04/2018 @9am Sat 28/04/2018 @10am Köpenick 1
Roman Gilg Sat 21/04/2018 Sun 29/04/2018 Köpenick 1
Kai Uwe Broulik Sat 21/04/2018 @4pm Sun 29/04/2018 @2pm Köpenick 1
Marco Martin Sat 21/04/2018 @17:55pm LH192 Fri 27/04/2018 @14:45 LH191 Köpenick 1
Bhushan Shah Sat 21/04/2018 08:05 AM TXL LH 2030 Sun 29/04/2018 06:40 AM TXL LX 963 Köpenick 1
Sebastian Kügler Mon 23/04/2018 (morning) Fri 27/04/2018 Köpenick 1 (if attending)
Rohan Garg Fri 20/04/2018 03/05/2018 Köpenick 1
Eike Hein 12/04/2018 02/05/2018 The Dude
Drew DeVault Sat 21/04/2018 Fri 27/04/2018 Friends
Scarlett Clark Sat 21/04/2018 Fri 27/04/2018 Motel 1
Jonathan Riddell Mon 23/04/2018 RF151 17:20 Fri 27/04/2018 RF150 12:20 Motel 1
Aleix Pol Sat 21/04/2018 Fri 27/04/2018 Moxy
Clemens Sat probably Fri probably
Shawn Rutledge (The Qt Company) Wed 25/04/2018 Fri 27/04/2018 The Dude