Local Contacts

Aleix Pol Gonzalez <[email protected]>

Alejandro Fiestas Olivares <[email protected]>

Arriving to the venue

Most people will most likely fly to Barcelona and take a train from there. Some people will be going through Girona, which is a bit closer, so here we'll explain all the possibilities. If any other possibility is needed, please get in touch with apol or afiestas.

First of all, we think it would be interesting if you can go by groups because:

- It's funnier
- Someone in the group should have a phone
- It will be easier to go from the train station to the house

Also if you get lost or have any problem, just get in touch with Alex or Aleix and they'll fix whatever's troubling you.

To Pineda de Mar

From Barcelona

To go to Pineda de Mar, first you'll have to go to Barcelona, change train, then Pineda. The change is in Barcelona Sants.

Airport Train station -> Barcelona Sants -> Pineda de Mar

To go to Barcelona there's just 1 option from the train station. If you arrive in the new terminal you'll have to take a (free) bus to the train station. About 30'. Airport to Barcelona

To go to Pineda you'll have to take another train, the line is called R1. About 1h. The trick is, you'll have to make sure the train you take goes all the way to Pineda de Mar (or further). Here you can see how does the line go: Line

Barcelona to Pineda

From Girona

If you arrive to Girona Airport, then you'll have to get a bus that takes you to Girona's train station. The bus will have a big label saying "Girona Centre". There's a bus that goes directly to Pineda early in the morning as well.

From Girona train station, you'll have to take a train to maçanet massanes, there take a train to Barcelona. One of the stops in the middle is Pineda de Mar.

Girona to Pineda

From Pineda train station to the venue

The venue is 1km away from the train station. It wouldn't be much problem since we're all healthy people but if you're carrying luggage it can be less of a good idea. There are two options.

- Take a taxi. There should be some by the train station. Probably the best option if you're 3 or 4 people.
- Take a bus. There's a bus that can leave you really close to the house and leave you just 100m to walk, problem is there's 1 every hour or so. Please poke me to add the map and schedule.
- Walk. Like our ancestors did, but they didn't have internet either.

We're looking into the possibility of hiring a car for the first day, unsure.


We will be staying in a house really really close to Pineda de Mar center (10 minutes walking, IIRC) in a place quite uphill, with great views of Pineda de Mare and the Mediterranean Sea. The house is quite big, there are 2 floors. First one with kitchen and place for hacking and a room, second one with a lot of beds.

There's also a some garden where we will be able to chill out, hack, eat and maybe have a barbecue.

Where is it?

The exact address is c/ Valldemaniu 80, Pineda de Mar. You can see the entrance here: Google Street if you zoom out, you can even see the house. It has a small circular swimming pool.

What do you need?

Bed linen and towels are offered with the house. That said, a towel always comes handy. We will have two bathrooms with showers, it would be good if you take your own stuff to use if you need something special. Given that it's hard to travel with those we'll try to provide some minimums.


There will be some food sponsorship from KDE Spain, this should cover breakfasts and occasional eating. For the main meals, we can either buy the stuff on the supermarket and cook it ourselves (we'll have kitchen, remember?), go to a restaurant or have it delivered to the house.

Furthermore, if there's anything from your country that you'd like to share with your fellow KDE friends, it's definitely welcome! :)

Sprint goal

The sprint is more targeted on discussion and planning rather than hacking. A possible work plan is here.

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