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Over the last year, KDE has been running BigBlueButton on meet.kde.org. Where initially, meet.kde.org was built to support Akademy 2020, it has become a very valuable community resource enabling remote meetings and events over the last 12 months.

Sprint Duration

1 weekend.

When / Where

3rd - 4th April :: https://meet.kde.org/b/ken-ktl-mqe

Proposed sprint timeline below.


  • Kenny C
  • Kenny D
  • Carl
  • Bshah

Sprint Activities

The main goals of this sprint:

  • Reflect on what has worked and what can be improved.
  • Determine if there are any key traits that we should add to meet.kde.org to turn it into a better, permanent community resource.
  • Perform some discovery on other events using similar technologies and determine if their implementations could give us some inspiration.
  • Look forward to Akademy 2021 and design our "conference experience," outlining any new technology that we might need to put together.
  • Where possible, build prototypes for any new technology that we would like to build, proving (or disproving) the concept.

Sprint Schedule

Note: All times are in GMT

Day 1

Start Time End Time Activity / Discussion
10:00 12:00 Discuss the last year
Discuss other conferences and their technologies
12:00 13:30 Break
13:30 17:00 Look forward, discuss how we would like to shape meet.kde.org

Day 2

Start Time End Time Activity / Discussion
10:00 13:30 Hacking / Prototying
12:00 13:30 Break
13:30 18:00 Hacking / Prototying

Who should attend

Generally, this sprint is likely to be 50% analysis and planning, 50% technical prototyping. Attendees may choose to attend a single day, or both days depending on their interest levels.

If you are interested in one or more of the following, please get in touch:

  • The overall functionality that we make available to attendees.
  • Technical event operations
  • Interest in real-time media streaming