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All tutorials are to be found here. If you create a new page, create it at Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/newpage. Do not use a too nested tree, as it is difficult to reorganize. Think of adding a link to the new page at a relevant place (in the Development or Debugging page or what not).
Konqi is looking up HOWTOs for you!

Before everything else

Before anything, if you want to contribute, you need to know the various ways to contribute.

Also, you can join us at #kde-welcome on Libera Chat or on Matrix. We're always welcoming more contributors!


For development
Guides and HOW TOs for compiling the sources, creating new programs, sending patches,...
For debugging
Guides and HOW TOs to debug applications.
Other guides: Relicensing, Versioning scheme, AppStream, Publish in Microsoft Store

Quality, Internationalization, Documentation

To internationalize
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the internationalization
Human Interface Guidelines
Recommendations for designing and developing user interfaces
Quality and Documentation
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the quality: documentation, bug triaging...
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the releasing process.

Further resources