• Using bugzilla
    • Write guide how to bug triage
  • Unify names
    • Put everything under Solid (bugzilla)
    • Better site
    • Promo !
    • Public names as well
  • Unittest
  • Systemd

Power Management

  • Modes (on AC, on Battery, on Low Battery)
  • Brightness
    • React on brightnessChange
  • everything Async
  • Merging screen locker
  • Merging hybrid suspend patch (
  • More than 1 battery
  • Specific testing app (solid-power ?) similar to solid-hardware/kscreen-console
  • Other devices (Mouse battery)
  • Fake backend
  • Unittest
  • Organize bugs
  • Systemd

Network Management

  • Release plan (deprecate networkmanagent, use plasma-nm, release libModemManagerQt/libNetworkManagerQt)
  • DONE Rename libmm-qt to libModemManagerQt and libnm-qt to libNetworkManagerQt (install headers in /usr/include/NetworkManagerQt instead of /usr/include/QtNetworkManager).
  • DONE Remove Solid::Control::ModemManager and the Solid backend chooser kcm
  • Systemd
  • Update libModemManagerQt to the new specification (GSoC) (
  • Make libModemManagerQt runtime dependency of libNetworkManagerQt instead of compile time dependency
  • Improve VPN user experience (installing VPN plugins, implement interface details for VPN connections)
  • PARTLY DONE Solve problem with managing two or more instances of the same device type (two wifi cards, two bluetooth devices, etc).
  • A counter for time/costs on mobile broadband (GSoC)
  • Proxy configuration (GSoC)
  • Implement some of the features in "Other" tab in networkmanagement's kcm module (specially version string, KByte/s and Kbits/s selection, details editor, notifications)
  • Make libNetworkManagerQt/libModemManagerQt usable from QML
  • Do usability study with plasma-nm
  • Add support for hidden wireless networks in plasma-nm


  • BlueZ 5


  • XRandR 1.1/1.2
  • XRandR 1.3
  • XRandR 1.4
  • xcb port
  • New GUI
  • Unit Testing
  • Saving modes
  • Creating Modes


  • Review Lisa's work, solid partitioner (git://
  • Btrfs
  • Network Status
  • Deprecate udisk1 ?
    • Anybody caring about this?
    • Specific testing tool (solid-network ?)
  • Libsolid really cross platform (GNOME included)
    • State of it in Windows
    • Should we care of OSX ?
    • Mark interfaces as deprecated (We don't support smartcard)

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