Solid maintainer could not attend Akademy this year. He is also the udev/upower maintainer.

Lamarque (Network Management maintainer) conducted the BoF.

Lamarque made Jan Grulich new Network Management maintainer.

Powerdevil: maintainer could not attend the bof.

BluezQt: maintainer could not attend the bof.

Kscreen: working, there are problems that depend on drivers and there is not much we can do about those. Maintainer thinks it is in good situation.

Plasma NM: feature complete from NetworkManager API point of view. There some small bugs and small feature requests to fix/implement. Network kcm is a working in progress. New maintainer thinks all is in good situation. Jan also ported printmanager to Plasma 5.

Problem with working with both kwallet4 and kwallet5 api (chrome uses kwallet4's dbus api). That affects Plasma NM somewhat. Need to discuss this with kwallet (or ksecret service) maintainer. Bug about spinning disk down: it has been reopened twice, it should be fixed once and for all.

Bug about query solid devices using predicate. It does not work when searching over a QStringList.

Bug about kwallet5 startup. It seems kwallet5 startup code does not wait enough until kwalletd5 is running before trying to use it, therefor Plasma NM's secret agent is not able to retrieve secrets and prompts user for connection's secret. We need to fix that.

Still room for more developers. We have bus factor of 1 in several submodules.

Triage remaining bugs.


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