SoK/2023/StatusReport/Theophile Gilgien

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Improvement to AudioTube

AudioTube is a client for YouTube music. The aim of this project was to add useful features to audiotube while gaining experience in open-source software development.

Commit list

A screenshot showing the changes in the AudioTube library page.
fig. 1: Changes in library page
A screenshot showing the changes in the maximized player page.
fig. 2: Changes in maximized player

A list of all merge requests I did during SoK, more or less in chronological order.

  • Songs can be removed from history [1]
  • Past search queries can be removed (fig. 1 #2) [2], [3] and [4]
  • A volume slider is available in the maximized player page (fig. 2 #1) [5] and [6]
  • The back-end for the search history was made more efficient [7]
  • A button for clearing the playlist was introduced (fig. 2 #4) [8], [9], [10] and [11]
  • Favourites, most played and playback history can be played as a playlist and on shuffle (fig. 1 #3) [12]
  • The README was updated to show the new project page link [13]
  • Fix PlaybackHistory.qml not updating when the underlying model gets changed [14]
  • Keyboard navigation of proposed search results was added (fig. 1 #1) [15], [16] and [17]
  • MPRIS support was added, meaning AudioTube can now be controlled from the system tray (fig. 2 #2) [18]
  • Tooltips for Icon-only buttons were added (fig. 2 #3) [19] and [20]
  • The queue can be rearranged via drag and drop (fig. 2 #5) [21]

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