SoK/2023/StatusReport/Ruoqing He

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Improve holiday support in the digital clock widget

Project type: Coding

Introduction and Abstract: There is a holiday calendar plug-in and it can show recent holidays in a list. It would be more intuitive if holidays can also be displayed in those day grids in the digital clock widget. You can observe how sub-label works by enabling the alternate calendar plugin, and some screenshots are available here.

Mentor: Fushan Wen at on Matrix.

Weekly Progress

WEEKS 1 - 2: Worked on the basis of developing in C++ language, QT and QML, tried to get the Plasma Workspace repository compiled and running.

WEEKS 3 - 4: Figured out the execution logic of plasmacalendarintegration and added some changes to observe how it takes effect. Tuned the outcome of changes.

WEEKS 5 - 6: Opened a MR of works done on tuning the integration. Merged by now.

Merge Requests