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Umbrello website redesign



This project aims in revamping the website of Umbrello with the latest Jekyll template KDE uses. A Redesigned homepage can help new developers and users to get a better knowledge of the application if the workflow with proper screenshots and GIFs are added to it. The news and the announcements can be shifted to a separate page as it makes it much more organized.



Weekly Progress

Week 1

Work Done:

  • Ported most of the files from PHP to Markdown as Jekyll uses Markdown.
  • Added more relevant items to the Navigation bar.
  • Shifted blogposts from the Homepage to a separate blog page.
  • Edited some features for the application.

Week 2


Work Done:

  • Ported the entire features table from PHP to Markdown.
  • Fixed the installation page and added the correct links for the same in the homepage
  • Got some screenshots

Week 3

Work Done:

  • Focused on the homepage and got screenshots from mentor of themes supported by Umbrello.
  • Added a new themes section for the homepage and added them.
  • Worked on the beautification of the Umbrello features page.

Week 4


  • Got the work done till now reviewed by the mentor and these were his feedback.
    • Got multiple issues to fix as the idea of including themes support in the homepage wasn't so good.
    • The features table wasn't looking so attractive without the bootstrap added to the table.
    • The details page wasn't added.

Work Done:

  • Added bootstrap for the tables, but faced some issues as the liquid syntax was not getting rendered properly. Fixed them later.
  • Added the image of a flowchart of the features explained correctly at the top.
  • Added the separate page for the features-details.
  • Added the work done for the first three weeks to Link
This table is the completed version

Week 5

Work Done:

  • Completed the entire features table.
    • Added each and every icon to the table.
    • The values True and partial wasn't looking so nice so I replaced them with ticks image.
    • Added padding to the table so that the elements inside look attractive.
    • Kept only one YML file for both features and features table. So that dat duplication doesn't happen.
  • Made a clean homepage for the website. Still Work In Progress. Will add the screenshots of the features of Umbrello to the homepage and

Challenges I am facing

The Blog and Features-details in the Navigation bar doesn't become highlighted when selected. This is an embarrassing issue. The header file of KDE Jekyll template has some problem in the liquid syntax. So I started working on the issue. I somewhat recoded the entire liquid syntax of the header file of the Jekyll template which would fix the issue.


As I am not a regular user of Umbrello, I can't take proper screenshots of the features and explain the workflow. But somehow I am able to understand the application. The screenshots will be put up soon enough.

What Next?

This is not the end of the road with KDE for me. I love many applications of KDE. Along with my future contributions to web projects, I would love to contribute to Kirogi. I have already started working on the application.

Contact Me

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