SoK/2018/StatusReport/Veluri Mithun

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Enhance Ruqola

Project Goals:

  • OAuth support for Ruqola.
  • To create qml file testing app.
  • To create autotests for some classes in Ruqola.

Design documents:

  • For OAuth the logic for OAuth support is described in Phabricator patch.
  • Creating test app uses Qcombobox and QQuickView are used for loading and displaying qml files.
  • To maintain consistency in code, the logic which Montel followed for rocketchattest and modeltests is replicated for roomModel and other classes also.

Links to the commits:

  • OAuth Implementation is done using O2 libraries. And there is a problem in the Findo2.cmake file in the O2 source repo for which Montel is already in the process of providing the patch.
  • Qml file test app
  • Autotests

Screenshots related to OAuth:

  • Ruqola login page

  • Google request for permmision

Links to blog posts: For more information on the work flow you can vist my blog posts.