SoK/2018/StatusReport/Huzaifa Faruqui

Project: Partitionmanager Mentor : Andrius Štikonas

The issue was with how KPM did its operations, for e.g. in a move/ resize partition operation KPM asked KAuth helper to read some data from the source location, then the helper sent the read data back to the application (via dbus). Later, the application sent the received data back to the helper (via dbus) to write on target location on the disk. This read/ write operation happened for each block of data. If there were many blocks of data KPM called KAuth helper many times while performing partitioning operations. However, KAuth authorization could expire in the meantime which would prompt the user to authorize once again. Failure to authorize would leave the operation half finished with possible loss of data.

Current Status of the Project I was able to successfully fix the copyBlocks function of kpmcore. This was done by moving the copyblocks code from Job class to Helper class. The external command has to call the helper only once for the whole operation. Now the move, backup, restore, etc. operations don't interrupt asking for password during the operation. Also, this improved the speed of copy operation as now data is directly read/write by the helper.

Contact: Email: [email protected] irc: huzaifafaruqui

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