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In Progress


  • Improve look&feel of the high-contrast widget style Gunnar Schmidt <>
  • SSL key generation and storage. George Staikos <>

Qt-to-DCOP bridge

  • Add functions to ask for the focussed widget, the widget at a given screen position and the window with a given window ID (and other hooks needed by KMagnifier). Gunnar Schmi Dt <>, Olaf Jan Schmidt <>

KDE Print

  • Completion of WhatsThis items for all of KDEPrint Kurt Pfeifle <pfeifle @>


  • Improve the autoindenters (mainly cstyle) and add autoinsertion in some circumstances. Jesse Yukovich <>
  • Generic template interface (KTextEditor interface) for insertion of code snippets with system/custom variables and WYSIWYG filling in. Joseph Wenninger <>


  • Switching of applications to KSpell2 from KSpell. Zack Rusin <>

KHTML part

  • KHTML: JavaScript debugger Peter Kelly <>
  • KHTML: Improvement of error handling in XML parser. Zack Rusin <>
  • KHTML: Improvement of the rendering of XML documents without stylesheet. Zack Rusin <>
  • KHTML: XPath implementation. Zack Rusin <>, Richard Moore <>
  • KHTML: Smooth scrolling Allan Sandfeld <>
  • KHTML: Improve handling of CSS 2.1 for paged media Allan Sandfeld <>
  • KHTML: Adapt to CSS 2.1 of 2005 clarifications Allan Sandfeld <>
  • KWallet Integration: support for multiple form entries George Staikos <>


  • Keep track of Online/Offline status Waldo Bastian <>



  • Support new plugin spec George Staikos <>


  • Add NX support to fish; make it so that it can be used as nxfish:/ (after approval by Waldo) Fabian Franz <>


  • Comprehensive KIOSK support Aaron J. Seigo <>


  • Undo functionality Waldo Bastian <>
  • Make it possible to create alternative menu from scratch Waldo Bastian <>


  • Clean up context menus in kdesktop and file manager, especially moving plugin menu entries into a submenu. Remove extra separators, etc. Aaron J. Seigo <>


  • Add a feature that helps people with sight problems finding the mouse pointer by drawing circles around the pointer Olaf Jan Schmidt <>, Aaron J. Seigo <>


  • Make Crystal more complete and consistent Frank Karlitschek <>


  • enable KJS scripting in kdeaddons Joseph Wenninger <>


Kicker Applets

  • Math applet to evaluate mathematical expressions Ismael Orenstein <>

Kate Plugins

  • Add a file template plugin, which allows to create new files with contents which may contain expanded macros, or use any file as a template. Templates can be in a app data directory in which case they are displayed in a menu, or they can be saved anywhere. Metadata must be integrated in the template files. Anders Lund <>

Konqueror Plugins

  • Import Metabar. Florian Roth <>
  • bookmarks panel Lukáš Tinkl <>


Screen Savers

  • Fix KFountain to move in a more natural manner. Ian Reinhart Geiser <>
  • Fix KGravity to spread particles more. Ian Reinhart Geiser <>
  • Import KFireSaver3D (OpenGL fireworks simulation screensaver). Enrico Ros <>, David Sansome <>



  • (review?) KIMProxy Invitation framework. Rob Kaper <>



  • Provide a "Photo Book" part for konqueror. Charles Samuels <>



  • akodelib: Thorough surround-sound support Allan Sandfeld <>
  • akodelib: AAC/MP4 (FAAD) decoding plugin Allan Sandfeld <>
  • akodelib: Extended wav (surround-sound) plugin Allan Sandfeld <>


  • New MPEG metadata plugin. Allan Sandfeld <>


  • Clean-up and release Dub playlist plugin. Eray Ozkural <>


  • Improve the interface for usability and KDE standards compliance. Aaron J. Seigo <>
  • Digital playback. Aaron J. Seigo <>


  • AudioScrobler support Scott Wheeler <>, Steven Scott <>


  • Finish finglonger and move it from kdenonbeta to kdemultimedia/kdeutils. Antonio Larrosa <>



  • Video device support (V4L and V4L2). Claudio Pinheiro <>
  • Add support for AIM chat rooms Matt Rogers <>
  • MSN Messenger custom emoticons export. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>, Shi Kede <shikede @>


Version Control

  • NEW IN KDE: Subversion ioslave Mickael Marchand <>



  • Add configuration dialog for the JS plugin Richard Moore <>
  • Add a graphical and command line tool for creating wrappers for C++ classes Richard Moore <>



  • Implement support for additional external keyrings Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>
  • Fix editor encoding issues, allowing to choose encoding for saving Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>


  • Update documentation (last real change in 2001!!) Klaus Niederkrueger <kniederk@MI.Uni-Koeln.DE>


  • ACE support Henrique Pinto <>


  • KControl module to configure Synaptics touchpads found on many laptops Nadeem Hasan <>, Stefan Kombrink <>

Web Development

Quanta Plus

  • Undo/redo for VPL Nicolas Deschildre <>
  • Online resource management interface Eric Laffoon <>
  • Project documentation tools Andras Mantia <>
  • VPL context editing of elements Paulo Moura Guedes <>
  • Improved CSS editing Luciano Guilmini <>, Andras Mantia <>


  • Enable Mainwindow small applications projects Michal Rudolf <>
  • Add new documentation and tutorials Tami King <>, Michal Rudolf <>, Eric Laffoon <>

KDE Accessibility


  • Add invertation mode Olaf Jan Schmidt <>, Gunnar Schmi Dt <>
  • Allow KMagnifier to dock onto a screen edge Olaf Jan Schmidt <>, Gunnar Schmi Dt <>
  • Simple speech assistense Gunnar Schmi Dt <>, Olaf Jan Schmidt <>
  • Simple focus tracking via DCOP Gunnar Schmi Dt <>, Olaf Jan Schmidt <>


  • Add dutch phrase books Rinse de Vries <>


  • Import GTK, GNOME and Bonobo application templates contributed by Andrew M. Patterson Alexander Dymo <>
  • Fix the context menu class navigation mess Alexander Dymo, Jonas Jacobi <,>
  • Annotation support Mathieu Chouinard <>
  • Programmer Calculator Mathieu Chouinard <>
  • PDF,Djvu and PDB Documentation plugin Mathieu Chouinard <>
  • working palmos and embedded device development support Mathieu Chouinard <>
  • Improve PHP-Support (better class store, code completion, parser, ...) Sebastian Gutweileri <>
  • Replace current project management plugins with new generic project manager Roberto Raggi <>
  • Complete Subversion support Mickael Marchand <>
  • Clean up variables windows: allow to evaluate expression without recomputing it, show variables for the current frame only, strip type from values, etc. Vladimir Prus <>

KDE PIM (Personal Information Management)


  • Merged configuration view. Matthias Kretz <>
  • Offline mode for calendar and addressbook resources Cornelius Schumacher <>, Will Stephenson


  • Client side IMAP filtering. Till Adam <>, Don Sanders <>
  • Type-specific configuration dialogs for folders Aaron J. Seigo <>
  • Asynchronization of expensive filter actions. Till Adam <>, Don Sanders <>
  • Imap folders as targets for filter move actions. Till Adam <>, Don Sanders <>
  • Automatically add replied-to addresses to address book Ingo Klöcker <>
  • Improve POP filters and add option to filter by start of message body (patch on kde-look) Ingo Klöcker <>
  • KMailCVT: Read X-Mozilla-Status* flag while import and set back to imported mails in KMail. Danny Kukawka <>


  • TV Anytime resource (shows TV and Radio schedules in the calendar, e.g. BBC's radio program) Will Stephenson <>
  • Quick search bar in the to-do view
  • Hierarchical categories
  • Improved Drag and drop support, links between various Kontact items


  • Add Alarms for the notes Michael Brade <>


  • Syncing with Qtopia/OPIE Holger Freyther <>


  • Support for tags and filters (possibly combined with RSS categories) Frank Osterfeld <>
  • Add basic support for enclosures (podcasts) Frank Osterfeld <>


  • Generic timezone support library and widget. Shaheed Haque <>
  • Support SRV-based DNS resolution Thiago Macieira <>
  • kfile: Don't preselect file extension when saving files Stephan Binner <>
  • kfile: "Preview" tab in properties dialog Stephan Binner <>
  • Configurable "don't send me bug reports" message in KAboutDialog and --author Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add support for POSIX file access control lists (ACL) to kio_file and the file properties editing interface. Till Adam <>
  • Added "Default" button to toolbar configuration dialog Stephan Binner <>

KHTML part

  • KHTML: Pass the Acid2 test Allan Sandfeld <>



  • Improve handling of man (but not mdoc) manual documentation. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • Better display of the index of man pages.


  • Better errors if a file entry cannot be unzipped. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • Unzip a file entry without putting the data completely in memory. Nicolas Goutte <>


  • Untar a file entry without putting the data completely in memory. Nicolas Goutte <>


  • Clock applet uses generic timezone widget. Shaheed Haque <>
  • Added "Description only" menu format Stephan Binner <>


  • Recognize GDM as login manager and activate "shutdown" and "reboot" options. Luigi Toscano <>, Oswald Buddenhagen <>


  • Timezone setting uses generic timezone widget. Shaheed Haque <>
  • Slight interface lifting: remove tabs, add module handbook button Stephan Binner <>


  • Display blocked JavaScript popups (#85246) Stephan Binner <>
  • Default popup policy should be "smart" (#99041) Stephan Binner <>
  • Middle click on "Clear Location" will clear and paste Stephan Binner <>
  • Added more than one searchprovider to context menu of selected web page text Stephan Binner <>
  • Click on shown security icon in URL combo bar opens SSL dialog Stephan Binner <>
  • Blocked popup window popup notification and statusbar icon menu Stephan Binner <>
  • Added "Go/Web History" which shows history sidebar Stephan Binner <>
  • Searchbarplugin: Support more than one searchprovider, add "Focus Searchbar" keyboard shortcut, accept Ctrl+Enter for opening in tab and support Ctrl-Up/Down for changing search mode/provider Stephan Binner <>


  • Speech recognition Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>

KAccess deamon

  • Make sure that the keyboard accessibility and the keyboard status applet correspond to the current version (v0.71) of the Keyboard Access Functional Specification Draft (where it makes sense, Gunnar Schmi Dt <>
  • Move the notification of keyboard events from the Keyboard status applet to the KAccess deamon Gunnar Schmi Dt <>


Konqueror Plugins

  • Rellinks: Guess the next and previous page from the URL Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>


Window Decorations

  • NEW IN KDE: Move Smooth Blend into kdeartwork module from playground. Ryan Nickell <>



  • Slightly improved the Cabri import filter Pino Toscano <>
  • Import PyKig, a powerful way to construct Kig figures from Python. At the moment is installed as a script. Maurizio Paolini <>, Pino Toscano
  • Slightly better (import) compatibility with KSeg. Pino Toscano <>
  • Improve the exporters dialogs as per-usability guidelines. Pino Toscano <>


  • NEW IN KDE: A geography learning program. Albert Astals Cid <>


  • NEW IN KDE: A retro electronic memory game from the 1970's Albert Astals Cid <>


  • new design: 2 themes (Sea and Desert) Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
  • fix bug in German: first letter was upper case, now the word is lower case as default but all upper case can be chosen in Settings for German Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
  • Usability improvements: rearrange menus and Settings dialog Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>


  • new design: a new theme (Desert) and new icons for Kid and Grown-up modes Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
  • Rewrite the code to allow 4 letters syllables or more. Usability improvements as well: a Look menu with Themes and Modes, a new Level menu, use of QPainter for writing the letters/syllables. Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
  • replay sound and new sound new actions Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>


  • Use XML for the data. Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Adding information about the crystal-structure Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Add a tool with which you can calculate the molar weight of a molecule Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Provinding a view which shows the families of elements like transition-metals or alkaline elements ("Familiy-View") Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Display more or less information in the table, depending on the user-settings Carsten Niehaus <>
  • New design of the table including a small gap over the La/Ac-Block Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Using a sidebar for calculation of molecule weight, for the timeline and the state-of-matter feature Carsten Niehaus <>, Pino Toscano <>
  • Added a glossary explaning the most important chemical tools and terms Carsten Niehaus <>, Pino Toscano <>
  • Adding the gradient-features which shows properties like the density per gradient Carsten Niehaus <>
  • Isotopes now have the information over the halflife, their magnetic moment, their spin and their decay (alpha, beta, beta-minus, EC). Furthermore, we added a lot new isotopes. Carsten Niehaus <>, Joerg Buchwald
  • Added information about the electroaffinity Martin Pfeiffer
  • Added name origin: Where does a name of an element come from? Carsten Niehaus <>
  • More informations about the radius of an element: Atomic, Covalent, van der Waals and Ionic (inclusive charge) Carsten Niehaus <>
  • More elements do have information about ionization energies, especially the higher energies (3rd to 6th) Carsten Niehaus <>
  • EqChem added: With EqChem you can solve equations. Example: aCH3CH2OH + bO2 -> cH2O + dCO2 Carsten Niehaus <>


  • Improved NGC/IC catalog Jason Harris
  • A GUI Tool for adding custom catalogs Jason Harris
  • Improved Object Details window, including customizable thumbnail image Jason Harris
  • Allow negative timesteps in Solar System tool Jason Harris
  • Highlight objects on the sky which are in the Observing list. Jason Harris
  • Save/Load Observing Lists Jason Harris
  • New Calculator module: Radial velocity conversion Pablo de Vicente
  • DCOP functions to store/retrieve user settings Jason Harris
  • Can now execute "foreign" DCOP scripts Jason Harris
  • INDI: New CCD Preview tool Dirk Huenniger
  • INDI: Add support for Apogee CCDs Jasem Mutlaq
  • INDI: Add support for Meade Lunar Planetary Imager Jasem Mutlaq
  • INDI: Add support for Sky Commander Jasem Mutlaq
  • INDI: Add support for Finger Lakes Instruments Filter Wheels Gaetano Vocca


  • Re-implement the session statistics and history Andreas Nicolai <>
  • Rewrite KTouch documentation for KTouch Version 1.5 Andreas Nicolai <>
  • Upgrade KTouch configuration using KConfig XT Andreas Nicolai <>
  • Redesign practice statistics to show errors per lecture and level as well as averaged errors and typing stats. Andreas Nicolai <>


  • NEW IN KDE: A word anagram game, replaces KMessedWords. Joshua Keel <>



  • NEW IN KDE: DJVU-Viewer plugin for kviewshell, with full-text search, and some DJVU editing functionality Stefan Kebekus <>
  • NEW IN KDE: FAX-Viewer plugin for kviewshell Stefan Kebekus <>
  • Major usability improvements Wilfried Huss <>
  • Added 'tools', similar to Acrobat Reader Wilfried Huss <>


  • NEW IN KDE: support for 'table of contents' in sidebar Stefan Kebekus <>


  • New icons Danny Allen <dannya40uk at yahoo dot co dot uk>, Nuno Pinheiro <nf dot pinheiro at gmail dot com>
  • Tool Box icon size is 22x22, not 16x16, at screen resolution >= 1024x768 Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • CTRL + Mouse Wheel = Zoom Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • While freehand selection scaling, holding Shift maintains aspect ratio Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Prevent accidental drags in the Colour Palette from pasting text containing the colour code Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>



  • akodelib: Make independent of kdemultimedia Allan Sandfeld <>


  • Manual reencoding of CDDB entries Richard Laerkaeng <>


  • Improvements to keyboard navigation. F6 selects the Search Line now, Up/Down keys work with search results. Michael Pyne <>, Scott Wheeler <>
  • Improvements to album cover art support. Michael Pyne <>
  • Automatically set the folder icon for a folder holding an album when a cover is present. Michael Pyne <>
  • Fixes to the random play feature. Michael Pyne <>
  • Centralize and improve configure scripts Caleb Tennis <>, Thiago Macieira <>
  • Finer grained output backend support at compile time. Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>, Jure Repinc <>
  • Allow multiple tag types in File Renamer again. Michael Pyne <>
  • New splash screen. Pascal Klein <>



  • New toolbar(widget) in main window to edit your global identity. Michaël Larouche <>
  • Add support for multiples global identities(like KMail and Konversation) Michaël Larouche <>
  • Allow select the media player in NowListening plugin. Michaël Larouche <>
  • Set globally busy or invisible Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Set a nickname and a photo globally (called global identity) in a configuration module. Michaël Larouche <>
  • Improve system tray flash notification behavior Jan Ritzerfeld <>
  • Emoticon in the contact list, and in tooltips Engin Aydogan <engin @>
  • Add dcc (p2p) facility to Gadu-Gadu, no voice messaging, only file transfer. Grzegorz Jaskiewicz <>
  • Add support for receiving Yahoo webcams Chetan Reddy <>
  • Add filetransfer Support Andre Duffeck <>
  • Add buddy icon support for Yahoo Andre Duffeck <>
  • Add Yahoo Stealth Feature Andre Duffeck <>
  • Add Buzz! Feature Andre Duffeck <>
  • Add Richtext formatting of Yahoo Messages Andre Duffeck <>
  • Support Yahoo Addressbook Andre Duffeck <>
  • Add buddy icon support (sending and receiving) to AIM Matt Rogers <>
  • Support of global identity (nickname) in Jabber. Michaël Larouche <>
  • Port MSN plugin to use MSNP11 (MSN7) Michaël Larouche <>, Gregg Edghill <>
  • Support sending and receiving of personal messages in MSN plugin. Michaël Larouche <>
  • Support of global identity (nickname and photo) in MSN. Michaël Larouche <>
  • MSN HTTP support. Gregg Edghill <>
  • Support of sending MSN Messenger 7 "Nudge" Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • MSN webcam support Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Preview of latex formulas in messages. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>


  • move interface specification from global to per-config in Control Center Stefan Winter <>
  • use "Scan for networks" dialog to immediately connect to the detected networks Stefan Winter <>
  • make background of the system tray icon transparent Stefan Winter <>
  • add tooltip for SSID of the currently active network to systray Stefan Winter <>
  • Control Center module: automatically distinguish between hex and string keys Stefan Winter <>



  • Sort files by extension (BR #55864) Vincent Ricard
  • Autocompletion in commit dialog (BR #84909) Christian Loose <>
  • Ability to exclude files in the commit dialog (BR #92938) Christian Loose <>
  • Added login/logout support for sspi protocol (cvsnt) (BR #98833) Christian Loose <>


  • Completion of plural form handling Stanislav Visnovsky <>
  • SVN support for catalog manager Nicolas Goutte <>, Stanislav Visnovsky <>
  • Improved CVS support for catalog manager Nicolas Goutte <>, Stanislav Visnovsky <>
  • Support for Gettext's contexts (msgctxt) in KBabel's editor KBabel developers <>
  • Support for Gettext's contexts (msgctxt) in KBabel's catalog manager Nicolas Goutte <>
  • Improved saving of PO files (especially in the header) Nicolas Goutte <>


  • Various fixes Umbrello UML <>



  • Enabled the calculator to use arbitrary precision for most operations (excluded are for example Sin/Cos/Log etc.). Klaus Niederkrueger <kniederk@MI.Uni-Koeln.DE>
  • Enhanced the calculator display (contributed by Bernd Brandstetter) Klaus Niederkrueger <kniederk@MI.Uni-Koeln.DE>


  • Use a treeview for showing archive entries, instead of a flat view Henrique Pinto <>
  • Support for password-protected ZIP and RAR archives Fredrik Edemar <>


  • NEW IN KDE: Move SuperKaramba from kdereview into a mainstream module such as kdeutils. Ryan Nickell <>


  • Add "What's This" documentation to the main dialog. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • BSD: add ext2 as possible file system. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • Add mode that does zero out before quick format. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • Linux: give back better feedback when the external programs return errors. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • Update the KFloppy documentation. Nicolas Goutte <>
  • "User-given devices" as basic support for non-legacy floppy drives. Nicolas Goutte <>

Web Development

Quanta Plus

  • Team Project Messaging/Annotation feature Eric Laffoon <>, Andras Mantia <>
  • Better entity support (importing from DTDs) Andras Mantia <>
  • XDebug debugger plugin Linus McCabe <>

KDE Accessibility

Keyboard Status Applet


  • Better KNotify event support Gary Cramblitt <>
  • "Rich Speak" conversion of XHTML to SSML Gary Cramblitt <>
  • Support for ALSA and aKode audio output and allow build --without-arts Gary Cramblitt <>
  • Option to autostart KTTSMgr whenever speaking Gary Cramblitt <>
  • Add support for Russian, Hungarian, Kiswahili, Zulu, and Ibibio languages Gary Cramblitt <>
  • Add support for Cepstral commercial voices via Festival Gary Cramblitt <>

KDE PIM (Personal Information Management)


  • Fix sidebar to use other icon sizes Daniel Molkentin <>
  • Add support for OpenXchange Volker Krause <>


  • KMailCVT: import to subfolders in KMail. Danny Kukawka <>
  • KMailCVT: new importfilter to import kmail maildir. Danny Kukawka <>
  • KMailCVT: new importfilter to import from Sylpheed (Claws). Danny Kukawka <>
  • KMailCVT: new importfilter to import from The Bat!. Danny Kukawka <>
  • KMailCVT: Read X-Status (mbox, kmail) of mails while import and set back to imported mails in KMail. Danny Kukawka <>
  • KMailCVT: update importfilter (Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail, Thunderbird, Evolution) for recreating folder structure. Danny Kukawka <>
  • KMailCVT: add Lotus Notes structured text import filter. Robert Rockers <>


Merge of KO/Pi code

    • Prettification of time label bar Daniel Molkentin <>
  • Attendees for journals Will Stephenson <>
  • Multiple reminders per event, relative to start or end, repeating alarms Reinhold Kainhofer <>


  • Add Undo/Redo facility for alarm edit/creation/deletion/reactivation David Jarvie <>
  • Add text search facility David Jarvie <>
  • Add 'New alarm from template' menu option and toolbar button David Jarvie <>
  • Add fade option for playing sound files David Jarvie <>
  • Email drag-and-drop from KMail now presets alarm edit dialog with full From/To/Cc/Subject headers and body text David Jarvie <>
  • Add option for email text alarms to locate the email in KMail David Jarvie <>
  • Add option to log command alarm output to a file David Jarvie <>
  • Add Edit button to alarm message window to allow the alarm to be edited David Jarvie <>
  • Add option to show KAlarm alarms in KOrganizer's active calendar David Jarvie <>


  • SMTP authentication Volker Krause <>
  • SMTP encryption (SSL/TLS) Volker Krause <>
  • Asynchronous wallet support Volker Krause <>
  • KHTML-based, KMail-like article viewer Volker Krause <>
  • Emoticon support Volker Krause <>

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