Schedules/KDE 3.4 Feature Plan


KDE Print

  • Completion of WhatsThis items for kprinter Kurt Pfeifle <pfeifle @>

Kate Part


  • Turn .wav sounds distributed with KDE into .ogg Vorbis files for smaller packages. Depends on bug 60547 and/or better native Vorbis support by arts. Applies to all KDE packages. Rob Kaper <[email protected]>


  • Add read support for XCF images, GIMP's native image format. The module was written as qimgio module by Allen Barnett and converted to kimgio. The importer merges all layers down to one, so it's really only useful for previewing and work on simple graphics. Melchior Franz <[email protected]>

KHTML part






  • Add support to mouse KControl for Logitech specific features, such as reporting battery power, and changing resolution on optical mice. Brad Hards <[email protected]>
  • Add keyboard gestures for enabling AccessX features Gunnar Schmi Dt <[email protected]>
  • Improve the usability of the high contrast color schemes for low-vision users Gunnar Schmi Dt <[email protected]>
  • Expand the Theme manager to include icon effects and fonts and create a set of high-contrast themes. Gunnar Schmi Dt <[email protected]>


  • Trash button Kevin Ottens <ervin ipsquad net>
  • Improved layout management allowing such things as multiple panels on the same side of the screen and maximizing windows on different Xinerama screens properly Aaron J. Seigo <[email protected]>
  • Drag 'n drop between panels Aaron J. Seigo <[email protected]>
  • Network Folders button Kevin Ottens <ervin ipsquad net>
  • Improved RTL layouts Wilco Greven <[email protected]>
  • Improved Xinerama taskbar support (show windows from individual screens) Aaron J. Seigo <[email protected]>
  • System Tray Icon Hiding Aaron J. Seigo <[email protected]>
  • Allow any extension, for instance Kasbar, to be set as the "main panel". Aaron J. Seigo <[email protected]>
  • Kicker refactoring to reduce overhead, improve look 'n feel and simplify code base Aaron J. Seigo <[email protected]>
  • Added context menu for panel menu groups and entries Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Non-GUI option for menu item size (kickerrc: [menus] MenuEntryHeight=48)



  • "Delete" is not shown in context menus by default anymore. The KDE 3.3 option to toggle this continues to exist. Pressing Shift while calling "Move to Trash" now deletes.
  • Middle-click on bookmarkbar and bookmarkmenu entries opens in separate tab/window David Faure <[email protected]>
  • Middle-click on home/up/back/forward entries opens in separate tab/window Daniel Teske <[email protected]>
  • settings:/ ioslave for displaying the kcontrol hierarchy Joseph Wenninger <[email protected]>
  • Treat archives as directories in the navigation panel Joseph Wenninger <[email protected]>
  • Marking only the filename in a rename operation (58749) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Improve open new tab after current tab (89103) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Autoscrolling with mouse middle button (92374) Stefan Nikolaus <[email protected]>
  • Ability to quick search on history and bookmarks sidebar (92818) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Search for selection from RMB-menu should open search result in new tab (93595) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Please show title of website in location bar autocomplete (77561) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Display in status bar when a popup window got suppressed (85246) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Cursor indication when hovering mailto: link (86512) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Show encryption status with color in location bar (96139) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Text selection to tab if it is a link (80455) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • On links that target to a new window, show 'open in this window' in context menu (95423) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Non-GUI option for closing tabs with middle mouse button (konquerorrc: [FMSettings] MouseMiddleClickClosesTab=true) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>


  • Support for the XComposite extension through managing a fork of xcompmgr. Including windows translucency depending on window state, configurable window shadows and fading effects on window mappingThomas Lübking <[email protected]>
  • Keybindings for individual windows (#44268) Lubos Lunak <[email protected]>



  • Allow settings of --workdir to work for newly opened sessions (BR94864) Kurt Hindenburg <[email protected]>
  • Allow shortcuts for all sessions (BR94075) Kurt Hindenburg <[email protected]>
  • Convert konsole to use the new ktabwidget->setTabBarHidden for hiding the tabbar Kurt Hindenburg <[email protected]>

Trash ioslave

  • Abstraction for a trashcan, to allow trashing multiple files with the same name, restoring to original location, storing the date of deletion, and faster trashing of files David Faure <[email protected]>

Media ioslave

  • Replacement for the devices:/ ioslave which will handle media (mount points, audio cd, etc...) Kevin Ottens <ervin ipsquad net>

System ioslave

  • Implement a new system:/ ioslave to replace the old one. It aims to give more exposure to the kio technology. Kevin Ottens <ervin ipsquad net>

Remote ioslave

  • Implement a remote:/ ioslave to help accessing remote URLs. It'll be the perfect companion to system:/. Kevin Ottens <ervin ipsquad net>



Sidebar Plugins

Konqueror Plugins

  • Add Textfilter to dirfilter plugin for konqi-as-filemanager Martin Koller <[email protected]>


Screen Savers


  • Use .desktop files for wallpaper metadata Jonathan Riddell <jr>
  • Allow SVG wallpapers Jonathan Riddell <jr>





  • Usability improvements: see KHangMan usability page for what had been done. Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
  • Put all language data in kvtml format to enable providing a hint for guessing the word. Translators have now to fill the Hint tag in order to add this feature. Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>



  • Compress the XML file so that one cannot use a text editor to see what are the correct answers. Henrique Pinto <[email protected]>




  • Observing List tool. Shows list of objects in a separate window, sortable by name, coordinates, type, or magnitude. Action buttons for selected object: Center, Telescope, show Details. Also displays an edit window for the user log text. Jeff Woods
  • Added command-line option "--paused" for starting up with clock stopped. Jason Harris
  • Improve Solar System Viewer: orbits are true ellipses; time can be controlled independently of main window; recenter (and track) on any body Jason Harris
  • Empty dmsBoxes display hint text ("dd mm ss.s") in grey letters. Jason Harris
  • Keyboard shortcuts for actions on selected object: D=Details window; P=Popup menu; L=toggle label; T=toggle trail (solar system only) Jason Harris
  • Show Constellation name in Details window and in popup menu Jason Harris
  • Added DCOP functions for INDI telescope commands; included these DCOP functions in the Script Builder tool. Jasem Mutlaq
  • INDI: Add support for Takahashi Temma Telescopes. Jasem Mutlaq
  • INDI: Add device automation. Jasem Mutlaq
  • Added computation of visual apparent magnitudes for planets Pablo de Vicente
  • Added radio-astronomy tab for defining a field-of-view symbol Pablo de Vicente


  • Scripting support through DCOP. Fredrik Edemar <[email protected]>
  • Support for an unlimited amount of functions and parameter values. Fredrik Edemar <[email protected]>
  • Copy and move functions to other instances of KmPlot. Fredrik Edemar <[email protected]>
  • Convert the program to a KPart so you can preview graphs in Konqueror. Fredrik Edemar <[email protected]>


  • Convert lecture files to XML Andreas Nicolai <[email protected]>
  • Converting ASCII lecture content to UTF-8 Andreas Nicolai <[email protected]>
  • Add font information to lecture files. Andreas Nicolai <[email protected]>
  • Bugfixes related to practice sessions: no mid-level advancing anylonger, manual level changing still allowed when autochange is enabled, etc. Andreas Nicolai <[email protected]>
  • Bugfixes related to sliding lines: added character limit to avoid "slide-away" bug) Andreas Nicolai <[email protected]>



  • Clean up the code and make KReversi a proper Model / View program. Inge Wallin <[email protected]>




Lieutnant Skat






  • Antialias text when the text box has a transparent background Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Unzoomed Thumbnail Mode and Thumbnail Rectangle Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • RMB context menu for when a selection tool is active (closing KDE Bug #92882) Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • More intuitive "Set as Image" behaviour Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • InputMethod support Kazuki Ohta <mover at hct dot zaq dot ne dot jp>




  • Oblique supports "Slices" (subcollections). Caches metadata, and allows selection of multiple items. Charles Samuels <[email protected]>




  • add rich text clipboard copy support John Tapsell <[email protected]>
  • Close contact list after timeout or when no contacts are online Matt Rogers <[email protected]>, Christian Nitschkowski
  • Add a bookmark plugin to Kopete Roie Kerstein, Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
  • Add support for the Lotus Sametime protocol Nicolas Brown, Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
  • Add support for KABC photo avatar in contact list and tooltips Duncan Mac-Vicar P. <[email protected]>
  • New OSCAR backend library Matt Rogers <[email protected]>, Gustavo Boiko <[email protected]>, Richard Smith <[email protected]>
  • Add a server manager for the IRC plugin Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Add the abiility to IRC re-direct output to different locations based on message type Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Add API for plugins to hook into chatview tooltips and context menu Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Add the ability for plugins to register the available online states with libkopete. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart>
  • Move buddy icon support to libkopete Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Add support for smpppd to Connection Status plugin Heiko SchÃ?¤fer <[email protected]>
  • Contact behaviour statistics plugin. Reuben Sutton <[email protected]>
  • Drag & drop files or contacts on the chatwindow to send files or invite contacts Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Undo / redo operations on the contactlist Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • The Netmeeting plugin may now use arbitrary applications (like Konference) to start a chat. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Remove the integrated editor to edit xslt chatwindow style, and use the default editor instead. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Support incoming MSN handwrite messages Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>


Desktop Sharing (krfb)

  • Support for announcing remote desktop using DNS-SD protocol. Jakub Stachowski <[email protected]>

Remote Desktop Connection (krdc)

DNS-based service discovery

  • Library for discovering and publishing services based on Apple's mDNSResponder. Jakub Stachowski <[email protected]>
  • Ioslave for DNS-SD (zeroconf) Jakub Stachowski <[email protected]>



  • Add "Fetch Branches" button to the checkout dialog (BR #74862) Christian Loose <[email protected]>
  • Colorize files with status 'Not in CVS' (BR #95257) Christian Loose <[email protected]>


  • Tabbed diagrams Jonathan Riddell <jr>
  • SQL Entity-Relation Diagrams Jonathan Riddell <jr>
  • XMI interoperability for static structure elements Oliver Kellogg <[email protected]>




  • provide a KPart, thus supporting e.g. KDevelop, also Konqueror. Readonly for now. Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>


  • support temperature sensors of nvidia graphic cards through the nv-control x extension Simon Hausmann <[email protected]>


  • Improved GUI: Button labels use rich text and change in inverse mode. Klaus Niederkrueger <[email protected]>
  • Add optional digit grouping to make large numbers easy to read, eg.1000000 => 1,000,000 Alberto G. Hierro <[email protected]>
  • Offer list of scientific constants. Klaus Niederkrueger <[email protected]>



Web Development

Quanta Plus


  • Replace custom text viewer in KXsldbgPart with a Kate viewer Keith Isdale <[email protected]>
  • Add translation support to libxsldbg. Support for translation for the 200 odd libxml/libxslt error/messages can be added when requested Keith Isdale <[email protected]>
  • Support setting libxslt variables with KXSLDbg Keith Isdale <[email protected]>
  • Support specification of XSLT and Data file to use via command line arguments Keith Isdale <[email protected]>
  • Provide runtime help within the command line tool xsldbg Keith Isdale <[email protected]>
  • Provide a docbook help files for the the the the command line tool xsldbg Keith Isdale <[email protected]>



KDE Accessibility

  • Write a widget style that cooperates well with the high contrast color schemes and avoids fixed widget sizes Maksim Orlovich <[email protected]>, Olaf Jan Schmidt <[email protected]>


  • NEW IN KDE: Add KDE Text-to-Speech system. Gary Cramblitt <[email protected]>
  • Add KTTS Kate Part plugin (runtime only dependency on kdeaccessibility) Gary Cramblitt <[email protected]>
  • Add KTTS support for KHTML (runtime only dependency on kdeaccessibility) Gary Cramblitt <[email protected]>


  • NEW IN KDE: KSayIt is a utility that simply speaks a given textfile or the actual content of the clipboard Robert Vogl <[email protected]>
  • Correct the dependencies of KSayIt by making the parts that are dependent on kdemultimedia optional Gunnar Schmi Dt <[email protected]>, Robert Vogl <[email protected]>


  • NEW IN KDE: Add a kicker applet that shows the state of the modifier keys Gunnar Schmi Dt <[email protected]>



KFile Certificate Plugin

Personal Information Management (KDEPIM)





  • Address import/export via CSV
  • Memo import/export all/some with format (.txt, .xml) support


  • Allow the user to specify the late-cancellation period for an alarm David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add option to automatically close window after late-cancellation period David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add facility to enable and disable individual alarms David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add simple repetition facility, including repetition within a recurrence David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add option to pick a KMail identity to use as sender of email alarms David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add option to copy emails sent via sendmail, to KMail sent-mail folder David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Make time edit controls use 12-hour clock when that is the user's default David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Show main alarm times in alarm list, not reminder times David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • New revised DCOP request interface (old interface still kept for compatibility) David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Use KMix whenever possible to set hardware sound volume David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Provide option to run command alarms in a terminal window David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Allow a script to be edited to execute for command alarms David Jarvie <[email protected]>






  • Functions to sort incidences (events/to-dos/journals) by a variety of criteria and in ascending or descending order. Allen Winter <[email protected]>


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