Schedules/KDE 3.3 Feature Plan

You can find out about the schedule for 3.3 in the KDE 3.3 release plan.



  • Rewrite the name-resolution routines so that true asynchronous lookups are possible (multithreaded). Thiago Macieira
  • kconf_update has now support for updating files other than config files. Waldo Bastian <[email protected]>
  • Crypto certificates import without user interaction (#82531) Helge Deller <[email protected]>
  • KEditToolbar: Add support for arranging actions via drag&drop. Sandro Giessl <[email protected]>
  • Move KNewStuff to kdelibs, making it usable for KDE-Edu etc. Josef Spillner <[email protected]>
  • Introduce KIMIface, a generic DCOP interface to instant messaging/chat clients, and support libraries for other KDE apps, enabling loosely coupled integration. Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • Show actions icons in the configure shortcut dialog. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • KKeyDialog: add widget (based on klistviewsearchline) for searching shortcuts Cristian Tibirna <tibirna @>
  • User visible feedback if invocation of browser, help Center or mailer fails


  • Add EXR image plugin, supports reading high dynamic range files. Resolves bug 58170. Brad Hards <[email protected]>
  • Add support for SGI images (a.k.a. "RGB" images). These do typically have file extensions *.rgb, *.rgba, *.sgi, or *.bw. The SGI image file format is a de-facto standard for textures, for example in 3D modeling. Melchior Franz <[email protected]>
  • Add read support for DDS images (Direct Draw Surface). This format is mainly used for textures in DirectX. Ignacio Castaño <castano at ludicon dot com>



  • Try harder to find message translations if a string is not translated in the primary language of the user, but available in other languages that the user has chosen in kcontrol. Heiko Evermann <[email protected]>


  • Introduction of the new spellchecking library fixing all of KSpell shortcomings. Zack Rusin <[email protected]>

KHTML part

  • KHTML: Merge text shifting from WebCore. Leo Savernik <l.savernik at aon dot at>
  • KHTML: Type-ahead find Arend van Beelen jr. <[email protected]>
  • Copy To->IM Contact... context menu entry. Using kimproxy, allow one to initiate a file transfer from Konqueror. Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • Added "Open in This Window" in popup frame submenu
  • New context menu when text is selected which allows lookup in default search engine
  • Fixed and improved Access Key support: now activated by pressing and releasing the ctrl key. When activated, the accesskey mode displays all accesskeys available in tooltips Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>



  • Add a brand new control center module to globally handle KDE visual themes. Lukas Tinkl <[email protected]>
  • Add new control center module to test and calibrate joysticks Martin Koller <[email protected]>


  • Cleaner look for the mini-pager providing for more contrast. Sandro Giessl <[email protected]>


  • Added "Lock session" checkbox to "Start New Session" confirmation dialog


  • Let configure shortcuts of plugins actions. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Improve the bookmark sidebar module (Context menus, drag&drop) Sandro Giessl <[email protected]>
  • Ask for confirmation when loading a profile and tabs are open (#56019) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Ask for confirmation when closing a webpage with modified form content (#65758) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>
  • Added option to hide "Delete" command on desktop and in file manager
  • Confirm closing many pages with "Close Other Tabs" command
  • Keybindings for switching to specific tab
  • Double click over empty tabbar space opens new tab
  • Mouse wheel over tabbar area switches tabs
  • Added option to activate previous active tab if closing the current one
  • kfmclient: Added command "newTab 'url' ['mimetype']"
  • Hidden options MaximumTabLength and MinimumTabLength (defaults to 3)
  • Count of files and folders on Folder Properties dialog box


  • a dialog for showing progress bars would be useful (#66342) Stephan Binner <[email protected]>


  • Per window settings and improved "Store window settings" (#36377,#15329,#75433) Lubos Lunak <[email protected]>
  • Decoration API support for more buttons in titlebars (#60369) Sandro Giessl <[email protected]>


  • More types supported for arguments (QSize, QPoint, QRect, QColor, QPixmap) Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Show applications icons. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>


  • Tabbar button for closing tabs Kurt V. Hindenburg

LDAP ioslave

  • Writing support, SASL authentication and SSL/TLS support Szombathelyi György <[email protected]>


FSView Part

  • Reduced memory requirements for large directory trees Josef Weidendorfer <[email protected]>

Sidebar Plugins

  • NEW IN KDE: Newsticker sidebar applet for viewing RSS feeds Marcus Camen <[email protected]>

Konqueror Plugins

  • NEW IN KDE:Plugin for accessing <link> elements (document relations) Franck Quelain <[email protected]>
  • NEW IN KDE:Search Bar Plugin. Provides quick access to Find In This Page, Google and other search engines. Arend van Beelen jr. <[email protected]>

Kate Plugins


  • Meta Info for Windows .lnk files (where does it point to) and tool (lnkforward) to follow this "link" Martin Koller <[email protected]>


  • Added option to disable plugin in context menus ==Artwork==

Screen Savers

  • Enhance Euphoria and Banner screensavers to run smoothly and look nicer. Enrico Ros <[email protected]>



  • Import and maintain a copy of the Python bindings, PyQt and PyKDE. Simon Edwards <[email protected]>




  • Undo Support for Changing Color and Size of Objects Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • DrGeo import filter Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • Line and Point styles Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • Property tests Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • Better Python error reporting Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • Add a system to name objects Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • Add some command line functions Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • When selecting an argument, tell the user what he's looking for. Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • When selecting an argument, tell the user if the object he wants to construct needs arguments that are not available. Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>
  • Various small stuff: attach labels to angles, some new objects like a test if two vectors are equal, some new transformations, intersection between some remaining objects etc. Dominique Devriese <[email protected]>


  • Use KConfig XT instead of KConfig Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
  • Add a config dialog if more settings in the Settings dialog Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
  • Put some data in the corresponding i18n modules and allow KHangMan to download new languages easily using KNewStuff. Leave en in KHangMan plus the language the user has if available in the i18n module. Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>


  • Put some data in the corresponding i18n modules and allow KLettres to download new languages easily using KNewStuff. Leave fr (and en when the sounds are done) as the 2 data languages in KLettres plus the language the user has if available in the i18n module. Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
  • Make all sounds on ogg format as some distros don't play mp3s Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
  • Timer should be configurable either in Settings or in kid/grown-up modes Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>


  • Rewriting most of the kalziums code Carsten Niehaus <[email protected]>
  • Make it possible to choose the unit of some datasets. For example it is now possible to choose between Fahrenheit, Degree Celsius and Kelvin Carsten Niehaus <[email protected]>
  • Offer two periodic tables: the simplified for younger pupil and the full PSE will all 110 elements Carsten Niehaus <[email protected]>
  • Rewritten plotting with more options Carsten Niehaus <[email protected]>
  • Update doc Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>


  • Add ability to manually step clock once per keypress Jason Harris
  • Add proper motion of stars Jason Harris
  • Add text labels to equator, ecliptic, and horizon lines Jason Harris
  • Tool to measure angular distance between two points. Pablo de Vicente
  • Add Equinox and Solstice calculator module Pablo de Vicente
  • Add Planet Positions calculator module Pablo de Vicente
  • Add ecliptic to/from equatorial conversion calculator module Pablo de Vicente
  • Add more data to the details window: hour angle, airmass, distance from Earth/Sun, angular size, multiple/variable stars Jason Harris
  • Add airmass to details window. Jason Harris
  • Use KXConfig to handle options Jason Harris
  • Add popup-menu links to Wikipedia articles on specific objects. Jason Harris
  • Transient object label when mouse hovers on object (need to make it work when clock is stopped) Jason Harris
  • Semi-transparent or opaque background option for on-screen info boxes Jason Harris
  • Add Constellation Boundaries to the map Jason Harris
  • Define Constellation lines with star names, rather than independent points on the sky Jason Harris
  • Display Altitude/Azimuth in status bar, along with RA/Dec Jason Harris
  • Make the "Night Vision" color scheme adjust the KStars window colors as well Jason Harris
  • Add true Full-screen mode Heiko Evermann
  • Add support for CCD cameras Jasem Mutlaq
  • Add FITSViewer Tool, which includes many image reduction and analysis tools Jasem Mutlaq
  • ExtDate, KStarsDateTime classes for handling dates outside of QDate range Jason Harris
  • Batch mode in remaining astronomial calculator modules Pablo de Vicente
  • KStars startup wizard with integrated download of 'extra' data Jason Harris
  • Add support for "Video4Linux" devices and webcams Jasem Mutlaq
  • DCOP functions for adjusting colors Jason Harris
  • DCOP function for exporting or printing image Jason Harris
  • Add new DCOP functions to ScriptBuilder tool Jason Harris
  • Add Moon's illumination fraction to popup menu/details window Jason Harris
  • Add option to dump mode for specifying time/date Jason Harris
  • ImageViewer: Add label with optional text describing image or crediting its author. Jason Harris
  • Calculator module to compute angular distance between two arbitrary sources. Pablo de Vicente



  • NEW IN KDE: KWordQuiz is the KDE version of the flashcard and vocabulary learning program WordQuiz. KWordQuiz is still in early development. KWordQuiz supports opening, editing, and saving of vocabulary files (format kvtml). It allows Flashcard mode, Multiple Choice and Question & Answer through a friendly Quiz mode. Peter Hedlund <[email protected]>
  • A context menu for the editor Peter Hedlund <[email protected]>
  • Joining multiple files Peter Hedlund <[email protected]>
  • Tooltips Peter Hedlund <[email protected]>


  • NEW IN KDE: KLatin is a program to help revise Latin. You can be tested on vocabulary, grammar and verb and the doc includes a revision section. George Wright <[email protected]>
  • Tooltips and QWhatsThis help George Wright <[email protected]>
  • Add doxygen comments to headers George Wright <[email protected]>


  • NEW IN KDE: KTurtle is an educational programming environment using the Logo programming language. This makes KTurtle suitable for teaching kids the basics of math, geometry and... programming. The commands used to program are in the style of the Logo programming language. The unique feature of Logo is that the commands are often translated into the speaking language of the programmer. KTurtle features an integrated Logo interpreter (no need to download any other program), a powerful editor for the Logo commands with intuitive syntax highlighting, line numbering, etc, context help for all Logo commands... Cies Breijs <[email protected]>






  • exr: Display information for most common attributes in available images. Brad Hards <[email protected]>
  • rgb: Display information for most common attributes of SGI graphics. Melchior Franz <[email protected]>



  • Added graphical editing to Mesh object Leon Pennington <[email protected]>
  • New objects: New options for media, new patterns (cells, additional crackle options, julia, additional mandel options, and slope), added keywords no_image, no_reflection, and double_illuminate to graphical objects Leon Pennington <[email protected]>
  • Added uv mapping and uv vectors Leon Pennington <[email protected]>


  • NEW IN KDE: An easy-to-use paint program designed for everyday tasks like drawing simple diagrams/logos/icons and editing screenshots. Features include undo/redo, more than a dozen tools, selections, transparent image editing and zoom support (with an optional grid and thumbnail). Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add virtually unlimited Undo/Redo. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add freehand resizing. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add drag scrolling. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • More image effects: Balance, Emboss, Flatten, Invert (with choice of channels), Reduce Colours, Smooth Scale, Soften & Sharpen. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • When loading images, dither more often for better quality. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Configurable colour depth and JPEG quality when saving (with preview). Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Single key shortcuts for all tools and tool options. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Fix several selection bugs. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Allow single click creation of text box. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add Opaque/Transparent widget for the text tool. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Improve text quality when working with transparency. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Paste multiline clipboard contents with MMB correctly. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Improve Resize/Scale dialog usability. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Reduce flicker. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add Export, Copy To File, Paste From File, Paste in New Window, Full Screen Mode. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Add Zoom In/Out buttons to main toolbar. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>
  • Make sure colour palette renders correctly on 8-bit screen. Clarence Dang <dang at kde dot org>




  • akodelib: New multithreaded audio (de/en)coding library Allan Sandfeld Jensen <[email protected]>
  • akodelib: Plugins for MPEG-audio, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, Ogg/FLAC and Musepack decoding Allan Sandfeld Jensen <[email protected]>
  • akodelib: Support for external encoding and output plugins Allan Sandfeld Jensen <[email protected]>
  • akodelib_artsplugin: aRts-plugin that uses the akode-decoding plugins Allan Sandfeld Jensen <[email protected]>
  • akodelib_artsplugin: Support streaming aRts API, to enable streaming playback Allan Sandfeld Jensen <[email protected]>






  • Implement Jabber file transfers. Till Gerken <[email protected]>
  • Add Jabber group chat support. Till Gerken <[email protected]>
  • Complete Kopete's handling of external changes to IM data stored in KABC - add new contacts if added in KABC and rearrange metacontacts following the data in KABC, similarly, remove. Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • New connection API that supporting logging in as a different status than "online" Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
  • New disconnect API so we can tell when we've been disconnected by the server and can then reconnect. Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
  • Latex render plugin Duncan Mac-Vicar <[email protected]>
  • Add support for bold, italic and underlined messages to Yahoo Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
  • Add new mail notifications to the Yahoo! plugin Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
  • Add SSL Support in IRC Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Add the ability to associate custom KNotify event notifications with a metacontact (Buddy Pounce) Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • Add support for irc:// protocols in Konqueror Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Change the KopeteAwayAction to be more like Konqueror's Recent Documents Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Add an alias plugin Jason Keirstead <[email protected]>
  • Seperate the password handling from KopeteAccount Richard Smith <[email protected]>
  • Support amaroK in Kopete's Now Listening plugin Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • Action to toggle encryption on/off in a chat. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • Implement KIMIface in Kopete to enable presence and messaging integration across the desktop. Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • Merge data acquired from Kopete's protocols to the KDE address book, e.g. names, email addresses and phone numbers. Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
  • Plugin to invite MSN contacts to uses gnomemeeting. Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>
  • "Send Email..." context menu entry. Reuben Sutton <[email protected]>
  • ICQ, support mimetype application/x-icq to add contacts Stefan Gehn <[email protected]>
  • AIM, support aim: protocol to add contacts Stefan Gehn <[email protected]>
  • ICQ, support for ignore-, invisible- and visible-list Stefan Gehn <[email protected]>
  • MSN incoming File transfers trought the chat session as MSN Messenger 6 does.Olivier Goffart <ogoffart @>

Remote Desktop Connection (krdc)

  • Rewrote the RDP client to use an external rdesktop process, which includes support for RDP 5. Currently this requires a patched rdesktop version to be installed. Future rdesktop versions will have this support built-in. Arend van Beelen jr. <[email protected]>
  • Switch to enforce the local cursor. Tim Jansen <[email protected]>

Kiosk Admin Tool


File Sharing

  • Create an advanced fileshare Control Center module, based on KSambaPlugin and KNFSPlugin Jan Schaefer <[email protected]>
  • Create an advanced Konqueror properties dialog plugin, based on KSambaPlugin and KNFSPlugin Jan Schaefer <[email protected]>



  • "Create repository" (cvs init) function Christian Loose <[email protected]>
  • Retrieve cvsignore file from server Christian Loose <[email protected]>
  • Add posibility to create a diff between arbitrary revisions to the log dialog (BR #66231) Christian Loose <[email protected]>
  • Make diff options used by "create patch against repository" function configurable (BR #75017) Christian Loose <[email protected]>
  • Add "Edit With" entry to the RMB context menu (BR #75825) Christian Loose <[email protected]>
  • Checkout a project without CVS folders (cvs export) (BR #77894) Dermot Daly
  • Checkout a module under a different name (alias) (BR #80177) Dermot Daly
  • Text in commit dialog and changelog dialog is now spellchecked Christian Loose <[email protected]>









  • Do not show expired keys in the signing dialog Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Make it possible to change colors assigned to trust values Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Add option to hide invalid keys (revoked/expired) Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Improve multi-file operations (better feedback, non-blocking) Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Added search filter in key dialogs Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Added status bar for improved feedback Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Improve autodetection of dropped files (signatures, keys) Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>
  • Change icon to reflect KGpg's state (busy/ready) Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <[email protected]>


  • More different modes: logic, statistics, trig-functions Klaus Niederkrueger <[email protected]>
  • Pressing Ctrl displays the accels for all buttons. Klaus Niederkrueger <[email protected]>
  • Display content can be copied with standard actions cut/copy/paste Klaus Niederkrueger <[email protected]>


Web Development

Quanta Plus




KDE Accessibility



System Administration


KDE Toys




Personal Information Management (KDEPIM)



Kleopatra (formerly known as KGpgCertManager)


  • Recurrence on todo's Bram Schoenmakers <[email protected]>
  • Free/Busy view Cornelius Schumacher
  • Automatic upload of Free/Busy information to server Cornelius Schumacher
  • Remote calendars (auto-update, change notification) Cornelius Schumacher <[email protected]>
  • More flexible working hour configuration (minute-based, working days can be selected, overnight shifts are possible) Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>
  • Allow editing of more than one day in Journal (diary) view Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>
  • Holiday plugin uses the system's country as default Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>
  • Filters are also applied to todo lists, and to printing the todo list Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>, Bram Schoenmakers <[email protected]>
  • "Copy to" date and "Move to" date popup in popup menu for todo items Bram Schoenmakers <[email protected]>
  • "Edit"-button in alarmdialog Bram Schoenmakers <[email protected]>


  • Fix knotes conduit Adriaan de Groot <[email protected]>
  • KPilot integration into Kontact Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>
  • Configuration wizard (only three settings, handheld is auto-detected!) Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>
  • Allow syncing to remote files (calendar, todo, addressbook) Joern Ahrens
  • Add a custom page to KAddressbook's contact editor to allow editing of the custom fields synced by the addressbook conduit Reinhold Kainhofer <[email protected]>


  • Add facility to define alarm templates David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add option to play sound file repeatedly until alarm window is closed David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add volume control for playing sound file David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add 'stop sound' button to alarm message window when sound file is played David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add facility to execute shell commands before or after an alarm is displayed David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Middle mouse button over system tray icon displays new alarm dialog David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add option to display a reminder once only before the first alarm recurrence David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Add facility to specify shell commands to execute before or after an alarm is displayed David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Display time-to-alarm in reminder message window David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • For message texts which are truncated in main window, show full text in tooltip David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • Allow more flexible formats in time entry fields David Jarvie <[email protected]>
  • After creating/editing alarm, prompt to re-enable alarms if currently disabled David Jarvie <[email protected]>








  • Add a renamed KIMProxy so that we can use its services and retain compatibility with 3.2. KIMProxy code has been merged with libkdepim. Will Stephenson <[email protected]>

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