Schedules/KDE4/4.2 Upstream Issues

Upstream Issues HotList
Listed below are various upstream issues that are considered release critical problems. This is not a bug tracker or meant to supplant one, but to keep a running tally of open upstream issues we need to address for the KDE4.2 release.


  • Problem: Random crashes in painting code
    • Affects: KMail
    • Solution: Apply qt-copy patch 0256:fix-recursive-backingstore-sync-crash.diff
    • Status: Reported to upstream (N227209, but no task ID yet). KDE Bug 174065.
  • Problem:
    • Affects:
    • Solution:
    • Status:


  • Problem: kdepim's kitchensync and Akonadi opensync plugin require Opensync 0.40, which hasn't been released yet.
    • Affects: kdepim's kitchensync and Akonadi opensync plugin, which will need to be disabled otherwise.
    • Solution: Opensync 0.40 must be released
    • Status: Opensync developers have been contacted. They are in testing.

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