Schedules/February 2024 MegaRelease

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8 November 2023: Alpha

KDE Gear 24.01.75 / KDE Plasma 5.80.0 / KDE Frameworks 5.245.0

29 November 2023: Beta 1

KDE Gear 24.01.80 / KDE Plasma 5.90.0 / KDE Frameworks 5.246.0

20 December 2023: Beta 2

KDE Gear 24.01.85 / KDE Plasma 5.91.0 / KDE Frameworks 5.247.0

10 January 2024: Release Candidate 1

KDE Gear 24.01.90 / KDE Plasma 5.92.0 / KDE Frameworks 5.248.0

For KDE Gear that want to ship with Qt6 for this release they need to be switched to Qt6 (and obviously stable) *BEFORE* this date.

31 January 2024: Release Candidate 2

KDE Gear 24.01.95 / KDE Plasma 5.93.0 / KDE Frameworks 5.249.0

21 February 2024: Private Tarball Release

KDE Gear 24.02.0 / KDE Plasma 6.0 / KDE Frameworks 6.0

28 February 2024: Public Release

KDE Gear 24.02.0 / KDE Plasma 6.0 / KDE Frameworks 6.0

KDE Gear Specific

Dependency Freeze

As usual Dependency Freeze happens 1 week before beta, so in this case, it's November 22.

From this moment on it is not allowed to add new dependencies or bump dependencies versions. It is possible to get an exception for this. Post the patch to and send the link to the release-team mailing list. We will check if the dependency is needed and is available on all platforms.

In other words: If you have a feature that requires a new dependency or a version of a dependency that is higher than currently checked for in the build system, you need to have committed this change before this date.

As mentioned above moving from Qt5 to Qt6 is an exception to this dependency freeze and can be done until RC1 (January 10)

Beta (24.01.80)

  • Only bugfixes from this point on.
  • User visible strings are frozen: neither string changes nor new strings are allowed in the stable branch. Exceptions need approval from [email protected].
    • If a string was already part of the software but was not correctly exposed for translation, it can be added to the stable branch.
  • Documentation (handbook) is frozen: exceptions need approval from [email protected].