Learning from past involvement

KDE has been involved directly and indirectly as a partner and implementation platform in a number of funded research projects. This page aims to inform about those projects from a desktop perspective and highlights the continuing influence of the results on the current development.


KDE is one of the platforms to be enhanced with semantic search technologies which are produced in the EU FP6 NEPOMUK project. Starting from KDE 4.0, the desktop will include facilities to add, search and share metadata for all files.


Read up here on NEPOMUK and NEPOMUK-KDE.


The aim of SQO-OSS is to produce tools for the analysis of source code. KDE's massive repository size and history and several large individual applications make it a prime target for such attempts. Development infrastructure such as bug trackers contain additional data for the analysis. SQO-OSS was funded under EU FP6.


Read up here on SQO-OSS.


Information about KDE activities involving students can be found on the students showcases page.

Scientific articles on KDE

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