List of Qt documentation pages classified according to the structure defined in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure, along with information about what might need fixing on each of the pages.

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Needs action

Title Status Action Owner
How to Report a Bug OK - Lars
Codecs OK Removed Lars
Configuring Qt OK Kill it! Paul
Qt Performance Tuning OK Outdated: Kill it Paul


As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#Introduction, source at qtdoc/doc/src/index.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/index.html

Title Status Action Owner
What is Qt Fix Rename to "Getting started with Qt", but content outline stays. "Getting started"-heading in content outline should be renamed to "Create your first application" (or something like that...) and link to current getting started page Topi
Introduction to Qt 5 OK Rename to 'What's new in Qt 5'. Fix contentList of API changes don't show up. It's a QDoc issue which is being fixed as part of QTBUG-27695 Venu
Getting started Ok Remove from main page. Add info about when to choose to use widgets and when to use QML. Eskil
What is Qt OK remove and put content to 'Getting started with Qt' Topi
Supported Platforms OK Bring up to date regarding which desktop platforms we support, and also write a bit about the embedded and mobile platforms Tuukka
Licensing and Credits OK - Lars and others

Porting from Qt 4

Title Status Action Owner
Porting QML Applications to Qt 5 OK The page is yet to merged from master to the newdocs branch. Venu
Porting Applications from QtMobility Sensors to Qt Sensors OK -
Porting Guidelines OK -


As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Application_Development_.28tools_and_Qt_Creator.29.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/developmenttools.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-app-development.html

Title Status Action Owner
Development Tools OK Needs polish, get rid of qvfb reference (no longer relevant in Qt 5) Leena
Configuration Options for Qt In Review Page to be removed, instruct to use configure -help only? Topi
CMake Manual OK -


Using Qt Assistant as a Custom Help Viewer OK Mentions CD-ROMs like it's state of the art, so it sounds super-old. Talks about Qt 4.4 like it's the latest version. Leena
Qt Assistant http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/assistant.html OK Screenshot says "Qt 4.4" and has a HUGE Trolltech-logo :P. Mentions of Qt 4.4.0 and Qt 4.4.1 in examples. Lots of Qt 4.4 screenshots done on Windows XP. Maybe we should update those? Claims Assistant is better than a web browser since it can do full text search, which we plan to implement in the web page as well? Also, Google might have something to cover that stuff. Leena
Creating and Using Components for Qt Designer OK -
QtDesigner Module OK -
Resource Compiler (rcc) OK -
Qt's Tools http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qttools.html Kill Some of these have been moved into the QtTools add-on, I think. The applicable parts were moved to the new Development Tools topic. Leena
User Interface Compiler (uic) OK -
Resource Compiler (rcc) OK -


Developing Qt Applications for Mac OS X OK - -
Cross-Platform and Platform-Specific Development Fix Needs more information
Exception Safety OK -
General Qt Requirements OK Remove QWS references Paul
Qt for Mac OS X Requirements OK -
Qt for Windows CE Requirements Fix Looks outdated; is CE even supported anymore?
Qt for Windows Requirements OK
Qt for X11 Requirements OK Samuel


Prototyping with qmlscene OK - -


Deploying Qt Applications Fixed Outdated list of modules, and outdated list of platforms? Venu
Deploying an Application on Mac OS X Fix language? Is this up-to-date? The deployment tool mentioned here does not seem to exist. What about Creator? [Gabriel]OK Looks good to me, but it may be good to update the library version in the examples to 5.0. (Also, macdeployqt is part of qttools). Gabriel
Deploying Plugins OK -
Deploying an Application on Windows OK OK with some reservations: Does not mention SDK or Qt Creator at all.. Should it?
Deploying an Application on X11 Platforms OK OK with some reservations: Does not mention SDK or Qt Creator at all.. Should it?

Qt Designer

Qt Designer's Buddy Editing Mode OK - -
Qt Designer's Signals and Slots Editing Mode OK -
Creating Custom Widget Extensions OK -
Creating Custom Widgets for Qt Designer OK -
Creating Main Windows in Qt Designer OK -
Customizing Qt Designer Forms OK Refers to QWidget include file as <QtGui/QWidget> Leena
Qt Designer's Editing Modes OK -
Using Layouts in Qt Designer OK Talks about QFormLayout as if it's the new sliced bread Leena
Qt Designer Manual OK Should be clear about this being a designer for Widget apps specifically and that there are options. Leena: I don't agree with this, as at this level users are probably looking for information about using Qt Designer. The options should be explained at a higher level. Shawn Rutledge, Leena
Saving, Previewing and Printing Forms in Qt Designer OK -
A Quick Start to Qt Designer OK -
Editing Resources with Qt Designer OK -
Using Stylesheets with Qt Designer OK -
Qt Designer's Tab Order Editing Mode OK -
Getting to Know Qt Designer OK Outdated information on how to start application (should probably focus on Qt Creator integration). Contains a reference to old "Qt Software" branding. Leena
Qt Designer's UI File Format OK XML-schema missing, but this will probably be picked up by a qdoc error.
Using a Designer UI File in Your Application OK Some iffy code snippets. Will be fixed later.
Using Containers in Qt Designer OK -
Using Custom Widgets with Qt Designer OK -
Qt Designer's Widget Editing Mode OK Contains a TODO: "### Screenshot of widget box, again" Leena

Cross-platform development

Supported Platforms Ok See QTBUG-27250. Also mentions Nokia. Consider syncing with Digia's page Tuukka
Platform and Compiler Notes OK Remove "embedded linux" Lars
Platform Notes - INTEGRITY Fix Almost empty
Platform and Compiler Notes - Mac OS X OK Code snippet won't compile because it uses QApplication without including QtWidgets. Also has an empty section labelled "Binary Package".
Platform and Compiler Notes - QNX Fix Almost empty Peter Hartmann
Platform and Compiler Notes - VxWorks Fix Almost empty
Platform and Compiler Notes - Windows OK Refers to compiling Qt 4. Contains the macro "%VERSION%": Is this supposed to be expanded by qdoc?
Platform and Compiler Notes - X11 OK A lot of this information is outdated Lars
Platform-Specific Documentation Fix outdated


qmake Advanced Usage OK - -
qmake Common Projects OK -
Configuring qmake's Environment OK -
qmake Function Reference OK -
qmake Manual OK -
qmake Platform Notes OK Contains sections about Symbian Leena
Using Precompiled Headers OK Contains some 4.0 versioning in the code snippets and claims we still support VC6. Leena
qmake Project Files OK Outdated examples where you have to do "CONFIG += qt thread" to get a multithreaded Qt application. Outdated list of modules. Leena
qmake Reference OK -
Running qmake OK -
qmake Tutorial OK -
Using qmake OK -
qmake Variable Reference OK Contains information particular to Symbian and Maemo. Layout is all crazy. Module list for QT variable is outdated. Contains information about variables that have been deprecated since Qt 4.2. Leena: Joerg was not sure what was meant by this, so please remove anything you think should go and ask Ossi to review. Leena


Title Status Action Owner
Getting Started Programming with Qt Ok Called "Getting started with Qt" instead of "Getting started with QtWidgets" Eskil
Installation OK Expand with more platforms? -
Installing Qt for Mac OS X Fix Should focus on SDK instead of source builds? -
Installing Qt for Windows CE Fix Should focus on SDK instead of source builds? -
Installing Qt for Windows Fix Should focus on SDK instead of source builds? -
Installing Qt for X11 Platforms Fix Should focus on SDK instead of source builds? -
Qt Linguist Manual: Text ID Based Translations OK - -
Qt Linguist Manual: Release Manager OK - -
Qt Linguist Manual OK - -
Qt Linguist Manual: Programmers OK Include information about QML. Leena: Added a short paragraph with a link, will integrate the contents later. Leena
Qt Linguist Manual: Translators OK First section only says "Contents". Placeholder? Leena
Qt Linguist Manual: TS File Format OK Missing DTD Leena
Support for Linux/X11 OK List of features includes graphics view and QtOpenGL, but not QML. Eskil
Support for Mac OS X OK List of features includes graphics view and QtOpenGL, but not QML. Eskil
Qt for Mac OS X - Specific Issues Fix Suggests contacting technical support. Should perhaps redirect to mailing lists and forums instead? Also mentions that Q_WS_MAC is no longer defined, but still uses it in a code snippet. -
Using the Meta-Object Compiler (moc) Ok Says that "moc does not expand macros", but I think Lars added a fully functioning preprocessor? Kevin Krammer

Title Status Action Owner
Debugging QML Applications OK - -
Deploying QML Applications Fix Claims that QQuickView is QWidget-based and uses QApplication instead of QGuiApplication in examples. - Lars

Build system

Title Status Action Owner
Creating Shared Libraries OK -

User Interfaces

As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22User_Interface.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/userinterfaces.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-ui.html


Title Status Action Owner
User Interfaces OK Complete the overview page according to the instructions it currently contains J-P Nurmi, Andras Becsi
Standard Accelerator Keys Ok Contains a reference to Q3Accel as the "best practice" for accelerators in Qt... The list of standard accelerators might be useful to some people, though. Eskil
Accessibility Ok Make this less confrontational? -
Animation Framework Fix QEasingCurve needs a description, otherwise it's fine. Lars
The Animation Framework Ok Mentions "Kinetic" and "Graphics View". Might need some generalization. Jan Arve
Setting the Application Icon OK
Performance Considerations And Suggestions OK - -
Restoring a Window's Geometry Ok Update to QWindow (also, QWidget::saveGeometry is buggy) Kevin Krammer
Overview of Qt's Undo Framework OK - -
Scalability OK But maybe mention desktop as well as devices -
Session Management OK -
Books about GUI Design Fixed Should mention that the Qt 4-book is mainly relevant for widgets development and other. We'll just have to assume that our charity-agreement with Amazon (our favorite bookstore apparently) is still valid? Gunnar
UI Design with Qt OK - -
The Qt GUI Module OK - -
Qt GUI Module Overview OK - -
Desktop Integration OK See QTBUG-25524 -
Getting Started Guides Ok Differentiating between Qt and QML as two different toolkits. Should be "widgets" and "QML"? Eskil

QML and QtQuick

Title Status Action Owner
Important C++ Classes Provided By The Qt QML Module OK - -
Embedding C++ Objects into QML with Context Properties OK - -
Data Type Conversion Between QML and C++ OK - -
Defining QML Types from C++ OK - -
Exposing Attributes of C++ Types to QML OK - -
Interacting with QML Objects from C++ OK - -
Integrating QML and C++ OK - -
Defining Object Types through QML Documents OK - -
Resource Loading and Network Transparency OK - -

Title Status Action Owner
QML Module QtQuick.Window 2.0 OK - -
Qt Quick Module - C++ Classes OK - -
Qt Quick Release Notes OK - -
Qt Quick Licensing Information OK This topic is missing from the newdocs snapshot, so the link it pointing to the doc-snapshot version of it. -

Positioning with Anchors OK - -
Item Layouts OK - -
Right-to-left User Interfaces OK - -
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - Positioning OK - -
QML Types Provided by Qt Quick OK - -
Quick Start Guide - QML Basics OK - -
Quick Start Guide - QML Essentials OK - -
Animation and Transitions in Qt Quick OK - -
Using Qt Quick Behaviors with States OK - -
Qt Quick States OK - -
Important Concepts in Qt Quick - States, Transitions and Animations OK - -
Usecase - Animations In QML OK - -
Use Case - Integrating JavaScript in QML OK Last link in document doesn't work -
Use Case - Layouts In QML OK - -
Use Case - Style And Theme Support OK - -
Use Case - Displaying Text In QML OK - -
Use Case - Responding To User Input in QML OK - -
Use Case - Visual Elements In QML OK - -
Concepts - Visual Coordinates in Qt Quick OK - -
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - The Visual Canvas OK - -
Concepts - Visual Parent in Qt Quick OK - -
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - Visual Types OK - -
Title Status Action Owner
C++ Extension Points Provided By Qt Quick OK - -
Composing User Interfaces with QML Fix Missing snippets and images Gunnar
Creating C++ Plugins for QML OK - -
Defining JavaScript Resources In QML OK - -
Defining Reusable Components OK Contains lots of ######## comments Gunnar
Dynamic QML Object Creation from JavaScript OK - -
Generating Items with Repeaters OK - -
Identified Modules OK - -
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - Convenience Types OK - -
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - Graphical Effects OK - -
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - User Input OK - -
Importing JavaScript Resources in QML OK - -
Importing QML Document Directories OK - -
Import Statements OK - -
Integrating QML and JavaScript OK - -
Internationalization and Localization with Qt Quick OK - -
Introduction to Qt Quick Removed Talks about QtDeclarative, Symbian and Maemo and has screenshot with Symbian in it. Gunnar: Duplicated information, removed Gunnar
JavaScript Expressions in QML Documents OK - -
[http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtquick/qtqml-javascript-hostenvironment.html JavaScript Host Environment OK - -
Keyboard Focus in Qt Quick OK A bit too much QWidget -
Legacy Modules OK - -
List of JavaScript Objects and Functions OK - -
Module Definition qmldir Files OK - -
Mouse Events OK - -
Particle System Performance Guide OK - -
Property Binding OK Fix the ### TODO Gunnar
QML Application Developer Resources OK Gunnar: removed Gunnar
QML Application Development Tools OK Gunnar: removed Gunnar
QML Basic Types OK - -
QML Best Practices Guides OK - -
QML Best Practices: Coding Conventions Removed Gunnar: this document is mostly useless and a duplicate of the Coding Conventions one, so it has been removed Gunnar
QML Best Practices: Data types OK This document contains empty sections, Kill it? Gunnar
QML Coding Conventions Fix Why have two coding conventions documents, this and qml-best-practices-coding.html? -
QML Concepts and Syntax removed Missing snippets and images. Gunnar: duplicated information, removed Gunnar
QML Documents OK - -
QML Features OK - -
QML Global Object OK - -
QML Modules OK - -
QML Object Attributes OK - -
QML Object Types OK - -
QML Syntax Basics OK - -
QML Types Provided By The QtQml Module OK - -
Qt QML OK - -
Qt QML Module - C++ Classes OK - -
Qt QML Release Notes OK - -
Qt Quick Glossary Of Terms OK - -
Qt Quick OK - -
Qt Quick Text Input Handling and Validators OK Remove QRegExp reference? QRegularExpression is the new class in 5.0. -
Scope and Naming Resolution OK - -
Signal and Handler Event System OK - -
Sprite Animations OK Broken HTML for links and some broken qdoc syntax at the top. Gunnar
Structure of a QML Document OK - -
The QML Type System OK - -
User Interaction with QML Fix Missing snippets -
[qml-behaviors-and-states.html Using QML Behaviors with States] OK - -
Using the Qt Quick Particle System OK - -
Getting Started Programming with QML Ok Several anachronisms, old code samples, etc. See QTBUG-25621 Eskil


Title Status Action Owner
Abstract Widget Classes Ok Page is empty. Jan Arve Sæther
Advanced Widgets Ok Just a list of widgets. Seems incomplete. -
Widget Appearance and Style OK - -
Window and Dialog Widgets Fix Very widget-specific and overloads the term "Window" which now has a different meaning. -
Basic Widgets Ok - -
Organizers OK - -
QtOpenGL Module Ok This module is deprecated. The Motif reference might not be relevant any more Jan Arve Sæther
Dialog Windows OK - -
Cleanlooks Style Widget Gallery Ok CleanLooks is not part of the Qt 5 release, but is an unmaintained addon -> Killed Jan Arve Sæther
GTK Style Widget Gallery Fix Doesn't the GTK style use the system theme? Should be clarified if that's the case. J-P Nurmi
Qt Widget Gallery OK - -
Macintosh Style Widget Gallery OK Has a table-breaking image, but mostly fine. -
Plastique Style Widget Gallery Ok Plastique is not part of Qt 5 release, but is an unmaintained addon -> Killed Jan Arve Sæther
Windows Style Widget Gallery OK - -
Windows Vista Style Widget Gallery OK - -
Windows XP Style Widget Gallery OK - -
Fusion Style Widget Gallery Ok Generate gallery & update Plastique/Cleanlooks links to Fusion J-P Nurmi
Layout Classes OK - -
QtWidgets Module OK - -
Styling OK - -
Graphics View Classes OK - -
Graphics View Framework OK - -
Standard Dialogs OK - -
Styles and Style Aware Widgets OK All QWindowsStyle etc. references must be removed, use QCommonStyle/QProxyStyle instead. J-P Nurmi
Customizing Qt Widgets Using Style Sheets OK - -
Qt Designer Integration OK - -
Qt Style Sheets OK - -
Qt Style Sheets Reference OK - -
The Style Sheet Syntax OK - -
Application Main Window OK - -
Layout Management OK - -
Main Window and Related Classes OK - -
Widgets and Layouts OK Mention QtQuick -

User input

Title Status Action Owner
Keyboard Focus OK Widget-specific. Should contain info about keyboard-focus in QML. Shawn Rutledge
Gestures Programming OK Focuses on QWidget and Graphics View. Should probably focus on QWidget and QML? Shawn Rutledge

Drag and drop

Drag and Drop Fix Needs to describe QtQuick/QWindow (QWidget part is OK) - Lars

Rich text

Title Status Action Owner
Advanced Rich Text Processing OK -
Common Rich Text Editing Tasks OK - - -
The QTextCursor Interface OK -
Rich Text Processing OK -
Supported HTML Subset OK -
Document Layouts OK -
Rich Text Processing APIs OK -
Rich Text Document Structure OK -


Title Status Action Owner
Internationalization with Qt OK - Lars
Qt Classes for Internationalization OK - -
Translation Rules for Plurals OK - -
Writing Source Code for Translation OK - Lars


Title Status Action Owner
Important Concepts In Qt Quick - Data - Models, Views and Data Storage OK - -
Models and Views in Qt Quick OK - -
Model/View Classes OK - -
Model/View Programming Fix Should cover QML usage. Steve
Model/View Tutorial Fix Very focused on widgets. It should be clear that widgets and QML are both first class citizens when it comes to presenting the contents of a model. Also lists a few Qt 4 books, so it should be made clear there that they describe concepts which are still relevant, but that they don't contain information about the new additions in Qt 5 (or, probably, the laters versions of Qt 4). -
Using C++ Models with QtQuick Views OK - -

Core fundamentals

As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Core_fundamentals.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/core.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-core.html


Title Status Action Owner
Core Fundamentals Fix Write an overview, make sure all the links work
Non-GUI Classes OK
Unicode in Qt OK
Calling Qt Functions From Unix Signal Handlers OK -
Implementing Atomic Operations OK -
Creating Custom Qt Types OK Should probably mention QtQuick
Debugging Techniques OK -
http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtcore/qtalgorithms.html lt;QtAlgorithms> - Generic Algorithms] OK -
QtCore Module OK -
<QtEndian> - Endian Conversion Functions OK -
Using qt.conf OK -

Event system

Title Status Action Owner
The Event System OK -
Event Classes OK -


Title Status Action Owner
D-Bus OK - -
Inter-Process Communication in Qt OK Write about QProcess Paul
Declaring Signals in D-Bus Adaptors OK -
Declaring Slots in D-Bus Adaptors OK -
QDBus Namespace OK -
The QtDBus Type System OK -
D-Bus Viewer Fix The link is BROKEN. This topic is under qttools which is yet to be modularized. The link will be fixed once that is done and qdocconf files are added to the repo.
QtDBus XML compiler (qdbusxml2cpp) OK -


Title Status Action Owner
How to Create Qt Plugins OK -
Qt Module QML Plugins OK -

Object model

Title Status Action Owner
Object Model OK -
Object Trees & Ownership OK QWidget is not "the base class of everything that appears on the screen" Paul
The Meta-Object System OK Paul
The Property System OK -
Title Status Action Owner
Signals & Slots OK A bit too much focus on QWidget?
Why Doesn't Qt Use Templates for Signals and Slots? OK -
Timers OK Change to be less QWidget-focused


Title Status Action Owner
Qt Platform Abstraction Fix Skeleton overview documentation for QPA needs fleshing out -
kmap2qmap Fix Rewrite to mention QPA instead of Qt/Embedded - this tool does not compile, and the page is not linked from anywhere -

Platform specific

Title Status Action Owner
Qt is Mac OS X Native OK -
Title Status Action Owner
Qt for Windows CE OK What's the status for CE? aholza
Windows CE - Using shadow builds Fix WinCE? aholza
Windows CE - Introduction to using Qt Fix is CE still supported? aholza
Windows CE - Working with Custom SDKs Fix is CE still supported? aholza
Qt for Windows CE and OpenGL ES Fix Outdated: Only mentions QGLWidget; is CE still supported? aholza
Windows CE - Signing Fix Is CE still supported? aholza

Threads and Concurrency

Title Status Action Owner
Threading Basics Fix Update archaic technique of reimplementing QThread::run() (See QTBUG-23635). Change to be less QWidget-focused JKSH
Threading Classes OK - JKSH
Thread Support in Qt OK Link back to Threading Basics in Recommended Reading JKSH
Thread-Support in Qt Modules OK - JKSH
Threads and QObjects Fix Update archaic technique of reimplementing QThread::run() (See QTBUG-23635). Change to be less QWidget-focused JKSH
Concurrent Programming OK - JKSH
Reentrancy and Thread-Safety OK - JKSH
Starting Threads with QThread Fix Update archaic technique of reimplementing QThread::run() (See QTBUG-23635). Change QApplication to QGuiApplication JKSH
Synchronizing Threads OK - JKSH
QtConcurrent Module Fix No links JKSH

Container classes

Title Status Action Owner
Container Classes OK -
Classes for String Data OK -
Implicitly Shared Classes OK -
Implicit Sharing Fix List of classes needs to be updated. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,41378 https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,41381 https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,41382 Giuseppe

State Machine

Title Status Action Owner
The State Machine Framework OK -
State Machine Classes OK -

Data Structure and Storage

As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Data_Structure_and_Storage.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/datastorage.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-data-storage.html

Title Status Action Owner
Data Structures and Storage Fix for 5.0 Complete the "### Todo" style sections Nico
Database Classes OK -
Serializing Qt Data Types OK -
JSON Support in Qt OK - -
Input/Output and Networking OK - -
Qt Quick Local Storage QML Types OK -
Qt Quick XmlListModel QML Types OK -


The Qt Resource System OK Remove reference to obsoleted Qt 3 functionality - -


Title Status Action Owner
SQL in Qt OK -
Qt SQL Module - C++ Classes OK -


Title Status Action Owner
Connecting to Databases OK -
SQL Database Drivers OK Correct qmake usage. See QTBUG-27325, QTBUG-25600
Creating Data-Aware Forms OK -
Using the SQL Model Classes OK -
Presenting Data in a Table View OK -
SQL Programming OK -
Executing SQL Statements OK -
Data Types for Qt-supported Database Systems OK -


Title Status Action Owner
XQuery OK - -
A Short Path to XQuery OK - -


As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Multimedia.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/multimedia.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-multimedia.html

Title Status Action Owner
Multimedia OK -
Positional Audio OK Strange orthography, so maybe it should be brushed up, but content is fine.
Audio Overview OK -
Camera Overview OK -
Changes in Qt Multimedia OK -
Multimedia Backend Development OK -
Qt Multimedia Overview OK -
Qt Multimedia - QML Types OK -
Video Overview OK -
Qt Multimedia QML API OK -
QtMultimedia Namespace OK -
Qt Multimedia OK -
MetaData Namespace OK -
Qt Multimedia - C++ Classes OK -
QAudio Namespace OK -
Radio Overview OK -

Networking and Connectivity

As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Connectivity_and_Networking.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/connectivity.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-network-connectivity.html

Title Status Action Owner
Networking and Connectivity Fix for 5.0 Complete the overview page by implementing all the "### TODO"-style comments Nico
Bearer Management OK -
Qt Bluetooth C++ API Fix The link is BROKEN The page is missing from the newdocs build.
Qt Bluetooth QML API Fix The link is BROKEN The page is missing from the newdocs build.
Network Programming API OK -
Qt Bluetooth OK -
Qt Bluetooth Overview OK -
QtDBus module OK -
Qt Network OK -
Qt Network - C++ Classes OK -
Network Programming with Qt OK -
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Classes OK Says "classes below", but there is no class list (this was also the fact in 4.8)
Using QtDBus Adaptors OK -
QBluetooth Namespace OK -


As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Graphics.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/graphics.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-graphics.html

Title Status Action Owner
Graphics OK - Samuel
Coordinate System OK -
Graphical Effects OK - -
Qt Quick Particles QML Types OK -
Qt Graphical Effects OK -
Qt Graphics and Printing OK -
QtPrintSupport Module OK -
Printing with Qt OK -


Title Status Action Owner
Painting Classes OK -
Paint Devices and Backends OK - Samuel
Drawing and Filling OK -
Paint System OK -
Reading and Writing Image Files OK -
<qdrawutil.h> - Drawing Utility Functions OK -
QGL Namespace OK
Qt Quick Scene Graph OK -


As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#References, source at qtdoc/doc/src/index.qdoc

Title Status Action Owner
Best Practice Guides Fix Needs links to QML articles -
Class and Function Documentation Fix Qt 3D seems overrepresented compared to other modules -
Annotated Class List Fix Descriptions are missing -
All Overviews and HOWTOs Fix If this list is not generated, it will need fixing -
Programming with Qt Done Kill it! Paul
QService Namespace OK - -
QSql Namespace OK - -
QSsl Namespace OK - -
Groups Of Related Classes OK - -
Inheritance Hierarchy OK - -
Known Issues OK -
All Modules OK -
All Namespaces Fix Add QtQuick-related namespaces -
<QtGlobal> - Global Qt Declarations OK -
Qt Namespace OK - -
<QtPlugin> - Defining Plugins OK -
Qt and Key Technologies OK -
Tutorials Fix Outdated -


Fix: There are several general issues here:

  1. All the "editions" pages should be merged, and should talk about "licensing" instead, and be consistent with Digia messaging. (update: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,40943 fixes some of this)
  2. The "Third party licenses" and "other licenses" pages are overlapping, possibly outdated and hard to read. Should be merged, checked and given a proper layout.
  3. It is not clear why many of the single 3rparty license pages here should deserve their own pages instead of just being part of the "third party licenses" list. Presumable most or all of them should simply be merged into that page.

Title Status Action Owner
Qt Commercial Edition Fix Contains some contact information for Digia and links to *GPL licenses, but otherwise outdated. Eirik Aa.
Thanks! OK -
Third-Party Licenses Used in Qt OK -
CatharonLicense.txt OK -
Big5-HKSCS Text Codec OK -
Big5 Text Codec OK -
EUC-JP Text Codec OK -
EUC-KR Text Codec OK -
GBK Text Codec OK -
Shift-JIS Text Codec OK -
ISO 2022-JP (JIS) Text Codec OK -
TSCII Text Codec OK -
Poly2Tri Polygon Triangulation Library OK -
Contributions to the Following Cocoa platform plugin files: qcocoaapplication.h, qcocoaapplication.mm, qcocoaapplicationdelegate.h, qcocoaapplicationdelegate.mm, qcocoaeventdispatcher.h, qcocoaeventdispatcher.mm, qmacdefines_mac.h OK -
The qtmain Library OK -
Notes about PDF Licensing OK -
Trademarks OK Nokia -> Digia Christian Stromme
GNU General Public License (GPL) OK - -
GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) OK - -
Other Licenses Used in Qt OK But remove link to killed page -
Open Source Versions of Qt OK s/Nokia/Digia/ Christian Stromme
Implementation of the Recursive Shadow Casting Algorithm in Qt Designer OK -
Qt Editions Fix Fix links


As described in Qt5/Documentation/OverviewStructure#.22Scripting.22_Topic_Page, source at qtdoc/doc/src/scripting.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/topics-scripting.html

Title Status Action Owner
Scriping OK Complete the overview according to the suggested section outline Jedrzej
Making Applications Scriptable OK -
ECMAScript Reference OK -


Title Status Action Owner
Qt Script Debugger Manual Fix QtScript goes away?
Creating QtScript Extensions Fix QtScript goes away?
QtScript Module Fix QtScript goes away?
QtScriptTools Module Fix QtScript goes away?
Scripting Classes and Overviews Fix QtScript goes away?
Making Applications Scriptable Fix QtScript goes away?


Source at qtdoc/doc/src/testing.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/testing-and-debugging.html

Title Status Action Owner
Testing and debugging OK Complete the overview page by implementing all the "### TODO"-style comments Eirik Aa
QTest Namespace OK Missing snippets Christian Stromme
QTestLib Manual Fix Get rid of "provided by Nokia" ? Does cetest still work for remote execution of tests on Windows CE?
Chapter 1: Writing a Unit Test OK -
Chapter 2: Data Driven Testing OK -
Chapter 3: Simulating GUI Events OK -
Chapter 4: Replaying GUI Events OK -
Chapter 5: Writing a Benchmark OK Samuel
QTestLib Tutorial OK -
QtTest Module OK -

Qt Quick Test

Title Status Action Owner
QtQuickTest Reference Documentation OK - -


The topics listed in this section take lower priority for the Qt 5.0 release, as most of these modules are not part of the release package. Documentation source can be found at qtdoc/doc/src/addons.qdoc, current snapshot: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtdoc/addons.html


Title Status Action Owner
Addons Ok Complete the addons overview page by implementing all the "### TODO"-style comments on the page Eskil

QtXML (deprecated)

Title Status Action Owner
An Introduction to Namespaces OK - -
Working with the DOM Tree OK - -
XML Processing OK - -
The SAX interface OK - -
XML Streaming Ok Missing snippets Kevin Krammer
XML Classes OK - -
QtXml Module OK Is this really OK? The module is deprecated and replaced by APIs in QtCore. -


Title Status Action Owner
Qt XML Patterns Module Fix Add the missing module page.


Title Status Action Owner
QtSvg Module fix Add the missing module page.


Title Status Action Owner
QtSensorGestures C++ API OK -
Qt Sensors C++ API OK -
Porting Applications from QtMobility Sensors to Qt Sensors OK -
QtSensorGestures Emulator OK -
QtSensorGestures Plugins Fix Illustrations look like Nokia form factor. Is that ok? -
Qt Sensors Backend OK - -
Creating a sensor plugin OK - -
Compatibility Map OK - -
Determining the default sensor for a type Fix Nokia-specific (talks about a .conf file in /etc/xdg/Nokia). -
Dynamic Sensor Backend Registration OK - -
Generic Backend OK - -
Qt Sensors OK - -


Title Status Action Owner
QtUiTools Module OK -


Title Status Action Owner
Qt Versit OK -
QtVersit Module OK -
Supported vCard Features OK -
Qt Versit C++ API OK Link has changed
Qt Versit Overview OK - -
Qt Versit Plugins OK - -
Supported iCalendar Features OK - -

Qt Publish and Subscribe

Title Status Action Owner
QValueSpace Namespace OK -
Qt Publish Subscribe Module OK -
Publish and Subscribe QML Plugin OK -

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