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General Guidelines

To make good screenshots please follow those simple rules:

  • use the default wallpaper (in most cases) or a white background (preferable for single program shots that are going to be used on websites)
  • include 20px of the wallpaper around it
  • use standard color scheme and shadows
  • use standard icons, standard windeco
  • save as png
  • as font, use Liberation Sans, 9pt
  • use compositing
  • set your language to English if your audience is international

KDE Workspaces

When creating screenshots used to specifically promote one of the KDE workspaces (e.g. Plasma Desktop or Plasma Netbook), these guidelines should be followed:

  • do not show applications that are not in kdebase/workspace (e.g. Dolphin) as those are not part of the KDE Workspaces product
  • add-ons for apps in KDE Workspace apps may be shown, but they should be part of the KDE Software Compilation releases (e.g. kdeplasma-addons, kdeartwork..)
  • if there is space for one screenshot only, try and show the following features:
    • widgets on the desktop, preferably something attractive like microblogging, though not more than one or two (avoiding a cluttered feel)
    • krunner (does not need to have an active search)
    • system settings (nice for showing off KWin's desktop effects, such as window shadows)

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