Nepomuk: Fancy Bookmarking

This page is intended to gather ideas about the GSOC 2011 project Fancy Bookmarking by Phaneendra Hegde.



We need proper vocabulary to store the web history, bookmarks and metadata about web pages. SDO already has nfo:Bookmark which is a mapping of the classical bookmarking concept. For compatibility purposes this should be used to map the bookmark hierarchy in Nepomuk. A bookmark in Nepomuk then relates to some nie:DataObject via nfo:bookmarks. What is missing still is a class which represents one web page (See SDO ticket 105).

One approach would be as follows:

<nepomuk:/bm> a nfo:Bookmark ;
   nie:title "Nepomuk"^^xsd:string ;
   nfo:bookmarks <nepomuk:/wp> .

<nepomuk:/wp> a nfo:Webpage ;
   nie:title "Nepomuk"^^xsd:string ;
   nie:url <> .

The one thing missing is the nfo:Webpage.

Then typically any annotations will be done in the web page instead of the bookmark which is just a compatibility container for the old school bookmarking.


The fancy bookmarking is supposed to be implemented in reKonq.

trueg: I would want to very easily relate the current page to certain resources in Nepomuk, mainly pimo:Things. This includes projects, tasks, persons, and so on. (Here a quick action to relate to the current project might be nice, too.) This means that the user action of creating a bookmark does not mean "create a bookmark for this page" anymore but "relate this page to this thing".

I would like to see a simple bookmark dialog which looks something like the resource search dialog in Ginkgo:


This dialog works as follows:

  • I have a search field in which I can enter some text to search for resources
  • By default the list shows recently or most used resources of the selected type (ie. if the search text is empty)
  • If the result list if empty an action "Create new foobar" is shown which will create a new resource of the selected type
  • arrow key naviagtion up and down will always change the selection in the list and enter always selects the highlighted action/resource

Then an information sidebar would display the related resources and allow to open them. I am not exactly sure how to open them but ginkgo might be a possibility. Maybe it would be best to introduce a dedicated Nepomuk mimetype and register ginkgo as a default handler for it. Then the sidebar could simply use KRun.

The sidebar would also show suggestions of relations based on the content of the page - but that is for later.

Phaneendra: Presently edit-bookmark widget of rekonq consists of remove bookmark and edit page label option. I have added page rating,adding comment,adding tags options to existing version. Now relating the webpage to certain resources like PIMO:tasks,projects,persons and to the Regular files/folders is going on. According to me linking with files/folders makes sense. For example: If I want to bookmark a webpage related to music, I can related that webpage to ~/music or any other music folder. Once the webpage is related to ~/music ,Dolphin's information bar shows linked webpage's url along with other information,whenever I navigate through ~/music folder... So listing all linked webpages in a file browser also makes sense IMO.

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