Previous versions

2.0.1: Intermediate bug fix release (released Nov. 12th 2010)

  • finalize menu/toolbar reorganization (249799)
  • finalize move plots between tabs (248885)
  • fix crash when moving view items (253165)
  • proper escaping of special characters (250014)
  • finish plot dialog revamp (252289) - basically:
    • connect the "Edit" button in the Contents page
    • ensure right order of elements in the left pane (right now the first two are not the most relevant ones)
    • make sure the left pane is always large enough (in width)
  • special characters escaping (250014)
  • update pb in the data manager (248888)
  • X-only zoom and Y-only zoom toolbar buttons (252080)

2.0.2: Critical bugfix (released Nov. 18th 2010)

Released close to 2.0.1 due to a critical bug in 2.0.1 that made it basically unusable. Also implemented some small stuff:

  • fix clipping when dragging
  • allow inserting vector/scalar names at cursor position in the equation editor

2.0.3: Polishing (released April 16th 2011)

  • Bugfixes/polish
    • update fixes (plugin -> equation -> etc, dependencies not always updated)
    • y-local zoom with shared axis box (236678)
    • Saving and reloading a file leads to empty data manager (256401) + other session management issues
    • data manager UI detail: click on the + symbol, then double-click on the item below => you get the dialog corresponding to the wrong item
    • labels from vectors with special chars in their names need to be properly escaped
    • labels generated by fits are broken
    • empty labels not taken into account in plot dialog (needs one space)
    • apply button greyed out in some dialogs
    • edit multiple for vectors: the UI offers it but nothing is active. Either remove the edit multiple button for vectors, or activate the fields
  • UI changes
    • oxygen icons
  • Various checks
    • check change data file tool
    • check remember last settings in various dialogs (data wizard, etc)
    • default names (plugins, etc...) + automatic labels (top-label) sometimes disturbing
  • Small features
    • strings from data file or vectors to be shown in View->Strings dialog (as scalars)
    • more metadata (netcdf) - watch out for update problems + show in UI (View->strings)
    • ASCII units (216730)
    • tied zoom span tabs (221673)
    • SVG export (142986) - and EPS as well
    • File->Recent files... (252079)
  • Misc
    • web site revamp + promotion work
    • full cmake support

2.0.4: Further polishing (released September 13th 2011)

  • Bug fixes
    • distribution of points sometimes very uneven if show points density < all (272578)
    • datawizard jumping back to the top of the list
    • issues when dragging items in layout mode (254922 and 255274)
    • Legend items should be unique (272576)
    • Wrong point in PSDs with log scale (272580)
    • Scalar from scalar update problem (272577)
  • UI
    • user-visible string changes (249805)
    • finish UI revamp (esp. context menus + connect plot dialog pages to the way the dialog is opened, e.g. double click on axes opens plot dialog in the right place)
    • scientific notation for extreme axis numbers
  • Features
    • redo automatic plot layout algorithm
    • change scalar value directly in the scalar selection combobox
    • as-you-type search in comboboxes (vector selection)

2.0.5: More polish and some new features (released May 21st 2012)

  • Various checks
    • tab order
  • Features
    • view items have an option to scroll/zoom with the contents of the plot
    • improve automatic plot layout algorithm
    • option to have anti-aliased plots
    • mouse wheel scrolls and zooms (261972)
    • Adding a drag and drop capability (272510)
    • data source should text box should handle ~/ as shortcut to $HOME
    • legends should be wrapped to always fit inside their plot
    • new datasource: Matlab .mat file reader (Matlab pretty much sucks at plotting, that'd be a pretty interesting move and there's a spec at
    • beta of python-based, mathplotlib-alike scripting (Linux only for now)

2.0.6: Bugfix release (released July 27th 2012)

One new feature: an option to interpret a vector as EXCEL time

Other than that, quite a few bugfixes:

  • Loading/saving
    • When loading a kst file, prompt the user for an alternate if a datasource can't be found
    • Save/use arrow head property defaults
    • Don't invert Z order of viewItems which are direct children of the View
    • Line and arrow dimensions were sometimes very far off
    • Font and formatted text issues fixed
  • Data import
    • Data wizard fixes (spectrum format, speed improvements when there are many vectors,
    • Properly handle missing data in custom-delimited ASCII to avoid mixing the vectors
    • Large speedup (x10!) for ASCII with very many columns
  • UI
    • When leaving edit multiple mode, take the check boxes out of tristate mode
    • Allow SVG and pixmap view objects to have adjustable aspect ratios
    • Fix apply button in view item dialogs (including labels)
    • Add a help window for label formatting (formatted text is quite powerful, but a bit hidden)
    • Make sure the correct context menu is always shown

There was also quite a lot of work done on the compiling and packaging by Peter Kümmel. Hopefully this will help, even though python scripting is not yet available on Windows. A more comprehensive list of changes between 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 can be found here:

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