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Many dataengines return data as series of items: like rss, microblog and tasks, and they do in different ways, rss has a list of Data in a single key, microblog has an item per key, tasks has an item per source.

Proposed Solution

In Plasma2 dataengine has a setModel method, that can associate a QAbstractItemModel instance to a Source. Affected dataengines should be ported as well as plamoids that are using them.

Dataengines to port

Status Engine Comments Developer
DONE places <>
DONE tasks use tasks model from libtaskmanager <>
TODO activities either just use the import or the same model <>
TODO applicationjobs <>
TODO apps Needs fixing crash <>
TODO filebrowser <>
TODO notifications <>
TODO rss Needs porting to KF5 first <>
TODO statusnotifieritem <>
TODO microblog Needs porting to KF5 first, at least connecting to twitter should get unbroken <>

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