Plasma/libplasma2/API Review/ContainmentActions

Related Class: ContainmentActionsPluginConfig

Remove this class, that should never be used by library users anyways: merge functionality in Corona

Related Class: ContainmentPrivate

localActionPlugins and globalActionsPlugins get removed, only plugin instances will stay here. all bookeeping of containmentActions will be kept in Corona, indicized by containmentType


All properties and invokables are removed.


ContainmentActionsSource goes, as the concept of source in general.


Status Action Method
DONE Keep explicit ContainmentActions(QObject * parent);
DONE Keep ~ContainmentActions();
DONE Keep protected ContainmentActions(QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args);


Status Action Method
DONE Remove virtual QAction *triggerableContextAction();
DONE Rename void performNext() -> performNextAction()
DONE Rename void performPrevious() -> performPreviousAction()
DONE Keep contextualActions() -> not invokable anymore


Status Action Method
DONE Remove void setSource(ContainmentActionsSource source);
DONE Remove ContainmentActionsSource source() const;
DONE Remove init()
DONE Remove configurationRequired()
DONE Remove protected setConfigurationRequired(bool)
DONE Remove signal configurationrequiredChanged()
DONE Remove dataEngine()
DONE Keep void setContainment(Containment *newContainment);
DONE Keep Containment *containment();
DONE Keep static QString eventToString(QEvent *event); check if can be removed, probably not


Status Action Method
DONE Remove QString name() const;
DONE Remove QString pluginName() const;
DONE Remove QString icon() const;
DONE Add KPluginInfo pluginInfo() const;


Status Action Method
DONE Keep config()
DONE Virtual void restore(const KConfigGroup &config);
DONE Keep virtual void save(KConfigGroup &config);
TO DO Change Signature virtual QWidget *createConfigurationInterface(QWidget *parent); -> becomes void createConfigurationInterface(QWindow *parent) <{{{3}}}>
DONE Remove virtual void configurationAccepted();

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