Plasma/Workspace Sprint/Personas


  • Education level:University graduate
  • Income: 5000€/month
  • Family situation: Single
  • Mobility: Travels a lot
  • Origin: London
  • Attitude towards others: Reserved but with strong social skills and high expectations of others
  • Age: 32
  • Acquaintances: 400 work relationshaips, 4 close friends
  • Tech savvinness: Not interested in learning, wants to get stuff done, office tasks
  • Number of owned devices: Smartphone, tablet, laptop with docking station at the office
  • Hobbies: Reading books, watching movies and TV shows, fitness, fine dining, showing off at parties


  • Education level: College student
  • Income: 300€/month
  • Family situation: Large family and a girlfriend
  • Mobility: going home a few times a year
  • Origin: Delhi, but studies in west India
  • Attitude towards others: Shy, except for college peers
  • Age: 21
  • Acquaintances: Entire dorms (males-only), possibly a few girls
  • Tech savvinness: Engineering student, power user
  • Number of owned devices: Lower end smartphone, laptop
  • Hobbies: Porn-brainwashed, cricket, getting wasted


  • Evening going out for drinks, excited
  • Getting back from work, tired
  • At the workplace, productive
  • At home, slacking, relaxed
  • Traveling alone, bored
  • Family gathering


  • Showing off travel/party pics
  • Do research + Write report
  • Kill 2 hours
  • Work related communication (IM, mail)
  • Listen music
  • Planning vacations
  • Play a game

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