Change of names?

Change name from "Plasma Desktop Scripting" to "Plasma Shell Scripting"?


In the current API, "Activity" refers to a desktop containment. This mapped nicely to the old concept of "desktop is the activity" but failed as we extended the reach of activities beyond the desktop shell. So:

  • rename Activity to Desktop
  • make it possible assign a Desktop to an Activity


A proper API for managing activities including:

  • querying existing by name or id
  • creating
  • switching


Needs to be re-examined in light of new QML Wallpaper support

Configuration Keys

Would it be useful to include a bit of optional json or kconfigxt xml in plasmoid and containment packages describing their configuration, which the scripting could then access as a means of seeing what can be read and set? See current dox on keys.

If actually used by plasmoids/containments for their config needs (which means kconfigxt is probably not good enough) would provide a very nice and reliable introspection method.

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