List each topic for defensive publication in the list below. See for more information, particularly the examples page.

Status Name Summary Developer
TODO Activities Activities as a general concept

TODO Share Like Connect The Share Like Connect UI and pluggable extension system

TODO Plasma Active's Activity Switcher The activity wheel as seen in Plasma Active

TODO active-webbrowser The activity wheel as seen in Plasma Active

TODO Pastebin Plasmoid A drop and clipboard driven system for publishing content on webservices.

TODO Remote Widgets Publish and subscribe system for accessing widgets between devices across a network

TODO Status Notifiers A data-driven, visualization-neutral method for publishing an interactive interface from applications for use in the desktop shell.

TODO Automated UI variation A mechanism for a user interface to modify look and behaviour at runtime for a given device target using search paths within a file package.

TODO Folder View A flexible method for presenting lists of icons representing sets of files or other assets.

TODO Hover-based drill down in Folder view A method for exploring nested folders of content.

TODO Icon Actions A method for placing icons on other icons that represent actions, such as select and de-select.

TODO Device hotplug notification and actions A user interface system to show notifications of devices when plugged in and offer an inline, extensible set of relevant actions to the user.

TODO Add to activity UI A user interface to associate multiple, heterogeneous items with a topical activity.

TODO Peek and Launch Integrated, always-available user interface for listing running applications and launching new ones.

TODO Recommendations Panel Method for displaying contextually relevant suggestions based on user activity.

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