General scriptengine TODO

See Except the Components sections, all "Item" described here refers to C++ based QGraphicsDeclarativeItem subclasses

KDELibs level bindings: libKDeclarative

QML ScriptEngine hack for all KDE QML using code Some of the ScriptEngine bindings, like QIcons and QUrls common as well

QImage and QPixmap

  • In progress: Items for QImages and QPixmaps bindings


  • Item for QIcon painting

Drag and Drop

  • Items for basic dropEvents handling
  • Item that can start drags too? (would require complete qdragevents in the engine?)


  • Components set to replace the standard Plasma widgets


  • The "device specific" version should have a QML config ui: for desktop use case too?

Partial C++ plasmoids

Some plasmoids will need some of the logic still in C++ (taskbar, systemtray...) two possible approaches:

  • C++ imports plugins
  • C++ Applets with a DeclarativeWidget in it (no access to the "plasmoid" object tough)

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