D-Bus interface planning


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This document serves for planning and revising the future plasma-desktop D-Bus interface.


The namespace to be used is org.kde.plasma-desktop with the path ???


  • Global functions (Corona)
    • int numScreens()
    • ImmutabilityType immutability()
    • void setImmutability(IT value)
    • signal: immutabilityChanged(IT value)
    • void requestConfigSync()
  • Activity functions
    • QStringList activities()
      returns a list of activity IDs
    • QMap < QString, QVariant > activityInfo(QString id)
      returns additional info about an activity - name, type, ...
    • QString currentActivity()
      returns the ID of the current activity (in case of multi-monitor setups, returns the activity for the monitor that has the mouse cursor???)
    • QStringList currentActivities()
      returns the list of open activities (in case of non-multi-monitor setups, returns just one item)
    • void setCurrentActivity(QString id)
      switches to the specified activity
    • QString newActivity(QString name = "", QString type = "")
      creates a new activity with the specified name and type, and returns the ID. If an argument is empty, the default values are used
    • void deleteActivity(QString id)
      removes the specified activity
    • QMap < QString, QVariant > wallpaper()
      returns the info about the active wallpaper plugin - name and serialized data
  • Containment functions
    • QStringList containments()
      returns a list of unique containment IDs.
    • QString containmentForScreen(int screen, int desktop = -1)
      returns the containment for the psecified screen
    • QMap < QString, QVariant > containmentInfo(QString id)
      returns a map containing containment type, position...
    • QString addContainment(QString type, QVariantList args)
      creates a containment with the specified type (panel, ...) and returns its ID
    • void deleteContainment(QString id)
      deletes the specified containment
  • Applet functions
    • QStringList applets()
      returns a list of unique applet IDs.
    • QStringList appletsForContainment(QString containmentID)
      returns a list of applet IDs that belong to the specified containment
    • QStringList appletsForType(QString type)
      returns a list of applets of the specified type
    • QMap <...> appletInfo(QString id)
      returns additional info about the specified applet
  • Other functions

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