Plasma's 2017 Sprint, Stuttgart

This Plasma sprint will be hosted at von Affenfels GmbH, Kronenstraße 40, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany.

Topics to discuss

Monday 6 February 2017 - Sunday 12 February 2017


From Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (main station) it is a less than 10 minutes walk to get there.

The airport Flughafen Stuttgart (STR) has train connections to the main station (S2 and S3, look for the green circle with a white S in it), running roughly every 15 minutes.

You can find public transport information here: (they also have an app for Android (runs on BB10 just find and should on Sailfish too), iOS, Windows Phone)

Ticket from airport to main station is 4,10 € (3 zones, child fare: 2,00 €) Ticket from the ibis budget hotel is 2,90 € (2 zones, child fare: 1,40 €) - you could buy a "4er Ticket" which allows to stamp for four rides. (10,60 € ie. 2,65 € per ride)

There's currently Feinstaubalarm ("fein dust alert") in Stuttgart. When this is in effect you can pay child fare (Kinderticket) for buses, trams and trains within VVS (also applies to the S-Bahn from/to the airport and U Stadtbahn to the Ibis).

Check the City of Stuttgart website for whether it's in effect: (orange = yes, pay child fare; green = no, "clean" air)

Unfortunately, week pass is subscription-only, i.e. you can't just buy it at a ticket machine.

Regional and long-distance trains arrive at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (oben) which is at the surface. U Stadtbahn (blue square with a "U") arrives Hauptbahnhof "Arnulf-Klett-Platz" which is one level underground S-Bahn (green circle with an "S") arrives Hauptbahnhof (tief) which is two levels underground


Recommended accommodation I guess is ibis budget Hotel Stuttgart Nord, roughly 350 € for a double room Monday through Sunday.

There's a frequent Stadtbahn ("U Stadtbahn", look for the blue square with a white U in it) connection at "Maybachstraße" (line U6) going to Hauptbahnhof (main station) main station, taking less than 10 minutes.

From main station to the hotel it's U6 "Gerlingen" direction, from hotel to main station it's U6 "Fasanenhof" direction.


Telegram Group


Name When? Accommodation Mobile Transport Dietary needs
Kai Uwe Broulik (host) Mon, 6 Feb – Sun, 12 Feb At Home ;) +49 173 184 3 987 Car / Train None
Jonathan Riddell Sun 5 Feb – Sun, 12 Feb Ibis Budget Nord +44 7941 938912 Doing a road trip from FOSDEM with David E, arriving Sunday 5 late, leaving Sunday 12 early
David Edmundson Sun 5 Feb – Sun, 12 Feb Ibis Budget Nord +44 7481923182 Doing a road trip from FOSDEM with Jonathan R, arriving Sunday 5 late, leaving Sunday 12 early
Marco Martin Mon 6 Feb – Sun, 12 Feb Ibis Budget Nord +39 3492547165 Plane/Train None
Sebastian Kügler Mon 6 Feb – Sun, 12 Feb Ibis Budget Nord +31 48370928 Train None
Aleix Pol Mon 6 Feb – Fri, 10 Feb Wherever you tell me Will be coming from FOSDEM, leaving by plane None
Bhushan Shah Mon 6 Feb - Sun 12 Feb ibis Budget Nord Arrival train/Depart flight Vegetarian
Roman Gilg Mon 6 Feb - Sun 12 Feb ibis Budget Nord Train or car (probably from Munich if someone is interested in ride sharing ) None
Ken Vermette Mon 5-6 Feb - Sun 12 Feb Novum Hotel Rieker Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof +1-613-483-0556 Train, Plane, Pair of shoes None
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Mon 6 Feb - Sun 12 Feb ibis Budget Nord +44 7402 160 469 Plane None
Martin Graesslin Fri 10 Feb - Sat 11 Feb at home Train None

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