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PA4 tasks discovery process for power management.

Functional Defects


One line per defect describing it. We will triage confirmed and unfixed to bugs.kde.org.

Status Name Summary Developer
TODO Energy Saving trumps all Whatever is set in Energy Saving trumps both Screen Settings module and Battery Plasmoid. See [Bug report]

TODO Screen lock on AC power When the device is connected to AC, after one minute of inactivity, the screen locks (and then the device goes to sleep after the timeout). This is caused by the fact that for some reason, in the "Energy Saving" options in the "On AC Power" profile, "Suspend Session" is activated and set to "After 1 min" "Lock Screen", and this setting always wins (see above). See [Bug report]

TODO Brightness 100% The Brightness setting in the Screen Settings module resets to 100% whenever the module is opened. Instead it should remember the last setting and be synchronized with the Battery Plasmoid. See [Bug report]

UI Improvements


One section per issue. User stories for workflow related issues. Include a problem statement and possible solution:

Problem: ... User story: ... Suggested Solution: ...

Status Name Summary Developer
TODO Unnecessary options Description

Unnecessary Options in Screen Settings Module

User Story: John opens the Screen module of the Settings app. He sees the options "Lock screen", "Turn off the screen" and "Sleep". Realizing that right after the screen is locked, his device will suspend anyway, he wonders what the other options are for, especially since "Turn off screen" is below "Lock screen".

Problem: "Sleep" has no useful purpose since sleeping without locking the screen does not make sense and locking the screen activates sleep anyway. "Turn off screen" only makes any sense if it is activated before locking the screen (to save energy without having to unlock afterwards), but since it's placed below "Lock screen" and has a greater default delay, its purpose is not clear to the user.

Suggested solution #1: Move "Turn off screen" above "Lock screen" and set the default delay to a lower value than that of "Lock screen". Remove "Sleep".

Suggested solution #2: Remove both "Turn off screen" and "Sleep", since the screen is turned off when sleeping anyway.

Missing Functionality


Provide a user story describing the workflow that is not currently possible. Implementation planning will happen in a second round. (So detailed solutions do not need to be suggested.)

Status Name Summary Developer
TODO No lock on AC Description

Deactivating automatic screen lock when on AC power

Jane wants to do a task which takes a while for the device to complete without requiring user interaction (like e.g. doing a big system update). For that, she attaches her device to AC power, starts the task and does something else while it runs. However, after a few minutes, the screen locks, the system goes to sleep and the task does not continue, thus needing her attention every few minutes.

Suggested solution #1: Generally deactivate automatic screen locking while on AC power, since power consumption is not a big issue then and accidental interaction is unlikely if the device just sits somewhere charging / performing a long task. If a user wants to lock the screen, she can still do it manually.

Suggested solution #2: Implement a switch "Deactivate screen locking when on AC power", which is on by default. This gives users who want their screen to still lock automatically when on AC power to change the setting.

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