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Integration tasks for Pa4

Status Name Summary Developer
TODO kde-workspace build kde-workspace doesn't build at the moment: integrated from the wrong branch

TODO CI on 4.10 All base KDE packages building with Continuous Integration from what will be SC 4.10 (Step1: from master step2: from 4.10 when branch appears)

TODO update version numbers All version numbers of those packages should reflect their actual version, most should be 4.10.0

TODO Translations Translations of some software (base SC+ plasma-mobile and apps used) should be packaged

TODO Integration repository Project for building from the integration branch of plasma-mobile (a single package repo that overwrites Devel)

TODO Systemd user session uxlaunch is removed from mer, systemd user sessions are used now. image must be made boot again under the new system (ideally replacing startactive)

TODO Separe code and integration bugs Many bugs are specific about the poackaging on mer, or hardware adaptation related.
they should be separed from actual bugs in the software

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