Notes from the Plasma Active BoF at Akademy 2013 concerning the Task-Centric Approach

  • QML to create task-specific reduced UIs as well as extended UIs for special tasks which only specific users need
    • Share them on Bodega like browser extensions
    • Author is responsible for bugs
  • UI to connect applications to create flows like e.g. Yahoo Pipes
    • Long-term goal
    • Short-term: Create flows by using scripts: For developers only but can be shared and used by normal users
  • Apple Automator had a similar approach but failed
    • Was to be used to completely automate tasks and thus was very complex
    • We do not automate tasks but connect different applications to create a tool optimized for users to complete a task, so it can be much simpler than Automator
  • We have a new recruit interested in helping (yay!)

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