Plasma/5.14 Errata

  • Summary: Fixes regression introduced with ab26ebb18b74: That diff contained a change unrelated to the original submission, swapping a || out for && in response to a review note. This turns out to have broken things.

Fix: Use plasma-desktop updates:

Plasma team have released some updates to 5.14.  5.14 has reached the end of its release cycle but some distros are still planning to ship it and may want to use these updated tars.

tag baac08a40851699585e80b0a226c4fd683579a7b
sha256 3b201f9e56b89284092087d05171cefeb495a3002982a0dc7e7def407fd5debf

tag fba8a13fee6b3480f0191ea9bd57e0cb3f66d73a
sha256 9beda8d4eb60d0ca1df3d4c4d4146efe6a55071c912cc58c04549da755ab992e

tag cc33c78ff5f773b9a0549fdb98dbb3c2aa6cd79b
sha256 78997ec7436cf426b539bc69569f608f10c42b4c021990a691eb13d85f9d8344

tag dfe283bae534e68ea66b419cbdd2824e2663673e
sha256 b0019036fd17fa17534f8fd73b00d520a110bfccbfbb8112cbba69e45d8686be

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