Plasma/5.10 Errata

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Known issues in the Plasma 5.10 release.


  • Not functional with Qt 5.8.0 or Qt 5.9 betas (see Qt Bug 58423)
  • Integration features in Plasma still missing or incomplete (e.g. Pager applet)
  • No Drag and Drop from X11 to Wayland windows and vice versa
  • Support for per-screen DPI is missing
  • No support for primary selection (middle-click to paste)
  • No support for tablet devices (e.g. wacom tablets)
  • No clipboard history (e.g. klipper and clipboard plasmoid)
  • XWayland older than 1.19 lacks features or has bugs, we recommend XWayland 1.19
  • No focus stealing prevention for Wayland windows
  • No window rules support for Wayland windows
  • (Multi-)Screen configuration only partially implemented
  • QtWebEngine crashes when used on Wayland Qt Bug 55384
  • QtWayland: No support for animated mouse cursors Qt Bug 48181
  • QtWayland: Dropdown windows closes on key presses Qt Bug 55403
  • QtWayland: Missing compose key support Qt Bug 54792
  • QtWayland: Key repeat settings ignored Qt Bug 55615
  • QtWayland: Sub-menus may be placed incorrectly Qt Bug 50458
  • GTK: windows don't have a minimize and maximize button
  • GTK: windows are incorrectly placed
  • GTK: latest version requires newer xdg-shell version which is not yet supported

Missing features

  • KWin does not provide window tabs
  • Tooltips on window decoration buttons