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Topics For Discussion


Alex Raymond is working on it under the guidance of Tomaz; may actually have a release this year.

Plasma Mobile

Still going through a lot of UI revision, esp with regard to flipping and activity selection. Two main things left: smoothing out the system tray, nail down activity switching. Then it will move to extragear and we will do independent releases, though also timing with the KDE Release Day in tandem with the SC.

Need to work closer with Kontact Mobile as they have a packaging system and the dialer should probably be designed together.


Artur: "regarding the qml bindings: imho this is really related to qt-components project, but from a "research pov". the thing about qt-components is that it's showing more and more that qml is good for making widgets and then for applications to use them. but the project itself doesn't show that there should be a "default" one. so, from my pov we could try to provide plasma look&feel with qml widgets so new plasmoids can benefit from that - but it's reallly a *research* project that we could play with in playground meanwhile doing the qml bindings..."

"Junior Jobs" on Tasks Page

Need to keep fresh to keep people with smaller amounts of time filled with things to do.

Plasma Classroom




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