Plasma Planning for 4.4 (June 27, 2009)


  • Aaron Seigo
  • Chani Armitage
  • Rob Scheepmaker
  • Sebastian Kügler
  • David Bettio
  • Jeremy Whiting
  • Marco Martin
  • Ivan Čukić
  • Nuno Pinheiro
  • Richard Moore
  • Alessandro Diaferia

Talking Points

plasma netbook

  • work started and good progress made on newspaper layout and SAL
  • shell actually loads and essentially works, so "first draft" is there
  • Artur and MM will tag team on it at Akademy
  • AS: the ARM CPU arch and plasma: get hardware to the people working on this

notification queuing and logging

  • SK: queuing is something Canonical might be able to implement
  • SK: display needs polishing (white space in there, too much info)
  • AS: only show N max per application, log the really old ones, and alow expanding of recent items that exceed N
  • AS: ability to separate new items from existing ones .. so .. two extenders? or switching what the extender is showing based on interaction context?

full featured JavaScript API (binding Qt+KDE libs in full)

  • RM will catch up on what the status of the generator is, fire back report
  • RM will coordinate with amarokers
  • Goal: get a set of generator-created bindings for 4.4

further extension of the Simple JavaScript API

  • Implement Keyboard status widget
  • Implement video driven "welcome" plasmoid


  • SoC project?
  • use it for our layouts as standard, or would that be overkill?
  • replace existing clunky animation code (see battery.cpp f.e.)

remote widgets/engines/services

  • RS Currently working: publishing/accessing remote Plasma::Services, including public key authentication, setting and testing rules for access, and now remote dataEngine access starts to basically work
  • RS DataEngine::serviceForSource is not async, though it needs to be. Add serviceReady() signal to Service.

D'n'D of remote content / remote content on canvas

  • fetching remote mimetype (half ready patch on sebas' disk)
  • actually getting at the file using KIO: needs some applets fixed probably (frame has patch on sebas' disk

context menus and mouse action plugins for containments

  • CA: it's on target for 4.4
  • CA: UI is finally coming along with user testing:
  • and the plugins CA will be implementing are listed in the proposal:

add widget dialog

  • Ana's SoC project has it as subject
  • nuno-pab.png
  • IC is scheduling meeting for this
  • AS has concerns about design, ability to integrate with panel workflow and visual elegance

improvements to ZUI (finally nail that crap)

  • shadows around containments, non-checkerboard
  • see what can be done about performance
  • meet up @ Akademy about this, Chani's missing brain dump email?
  • also provide a context menu plugin for this

window slide in/out in KWin

  • implement a desktop effect to replace plasma's window-sliding antics for hiding panels and windows to/from widgetsin panels

social desktop

  • move engine into kdebase
  • OCS lib should probably move to workspace/libs/ until we can trick, er, convince others into using it in apps and then into kdepimlibs or kdelibs
  • OCS lib isn't ready for BC yet (dptrs, API review, etc), however
  • SK: akonadi features pending, but planned
  • AS: consider making it a part of the default desktop layout? encourage users to sign up
  • MM: add user's activities


  • need to schedule another meeting for this one

moving system tray from experimental to fd.o standard

  • MM is working on specification (RM volunteered to assist)
   * ItemWatcher and Host are todo's in the spec
   * needs proofing and review, then send to fd.o

krunner magic

  • basics are in place, now lets take it to school!

developer documentation, website

  • J. Janz is working on JavaScript tutorials
  • really, really need to do something about plasma.k.o

kuiserver and plasma job display

  • S. Reich has worked on turning it into a store-and-forward multiplexing system
   * multiple visualizations can be connected
   * if plasma crashes, jobs are still there when it comes back
   * provides own UI if plasma not available or turned off
   * apps won't block and plasma and vice versa (just on kuiserver ;)
  • work ready for review and merge

autoupdating / checking of plasmoids

  • Assigned to: AS / RS(?)
  • JP: GHNS2 provides a way to autoupdate packages
  • JP: in 4.4. dialog will have an update tab
  • AS: request non-dialog, direct API access
  • JP: still some decision work needed in GHNS community, will keep us informed


  • Signing of plasmoids/engines/services needed
  • Tie that level of trust into capabilities offered the plasmoid
  • Needs more definition and research, see document in design/

PIM / Akonadi

  • Lion Mail probably ready for "simpler" cases for 4.4, but pending:
   * features in akonadi (searching, sorting)
   * data actually being in akonadi (4.4 material for the PIM team)
  • interaction with contacts (akonadi contacts support is in the data engine), contacts applet? What role does telepathy play here?

Desktop settings

  • Assigned: Davide Bettio
  • Icon view for wallpapers / themes
  • Separate out plasma global settings from it
  • Explore possible ways to remove some of the wallpaper plugin settings dupes?

Plasma D-Bus access

  • IC is working on finalizing the design, will implement for 4.4

Multimedia components

  • AD: finishing the basic api
  • AD: now we have a media browser, a working playlist applet, some useful dataengines and a weird-not-working playback control applet
  • first draft should be ready to go with 4.4

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