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  • phonon4qt5-backend-vlc is a feature equivalent VLC powered backend built against Qt 5 rather than Qt 4. Phonon4Qt5 VLC is built from the same source; requires the cmake option PHONON_BUILD_PHONON4QT5, libphonon4qt5 and a separate build directory from Qt 4.
  • Support VLC 2.1.0's upcoming appid API setting more application information for PulseAudio.
  • Reduce performance overhead in audio/video-less setups by not loading dummy plugins at all and removing unnecessary dynamic loading logic.
  • Internal API redesign to ensure important abstract code is executed.
  • Partially backed new MediaController subtitle API (explicit font setting is not working as expected in VLC 2.0)
  • Implement equalizer Effect support. This is only going to appear in VLC 2.2, so the feature remains not present when built against lower versions [#323331].
  • When building against VLC 2.1 the new video title API is used to disable displaying the video title when a video starts to play. This is going to replace the manually set argument for libvlc_new in the long run.
  • Phonon VLC is now the highest rated backend due to its high quality. This means that whenever an additional backend is installed and the user did not choose a preferred backend Phonon VLC will be used by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Stride calculation for surface painting is done correctly now (affects VideoWidget inside QProxyWidget)
  • Queued tracks are now correctly played when the current track is about to end [r107118].
  • DirectSound and CoreAudio are no longer marked as advanced devices. This makes auto-selection of devices work on Windows and OSX.
  • Track selection on AudioCds via the MediaController is now working as intended.
  • Prevent libpa crashes due to empty user-agent information.
  • Reduce scope of non-reentrant PulseAudio envrionment setup. Limited due to missing API backing in libvlc [#321288].
  • Subtitle selection now uses correct index mapping preventing off-by-one issues.