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SHA256 338479dc451e4b94b3ca5b578def741dcf82f5c626a2807d36235be2dce7c9a5


  • drop support for libvlc 2.x
  • support qt5/6 multibuild
  • mediaobject new can throw but does not return null
  • .gitignore ignore /compile_commands.json
  • Add Linux Qt 5 CI
  • Update the translations folder name
  • Remove explicit use of ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR, is part of ECM_MODULE_PATH
  • Make compile against qt6
  • Add override keyword + use nullptr
  • Show all headers in qtc6
  • Adapt build system for building against qt6
  • Use Qt::end
  • Remove obsolete include
  • Use override keyword
  • Use QStringLiteral (QLAtin1String is deprecated)
  • Fix typos found by codespell
  • debug vmem format setup
  • use picture_t to calculate pitch lines
  • Update the obsolete URL
  • Revert "Port deprecated QLatin1Literal -> QLatin1String"
  • Port deprecated QLatin1Literal -> QLatin1String
  • preliminary vlc4 port
  • only set xwindow when the qt platform actually is xcb (on unix)