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URL https://download.kde.org/stable/phonon/phonon-backend-vlc/0.11.2/phonon-backend-vlc-0.11.2.tar.xz.mirrorlist
SHA256 c6c33bfc68d137f0e57a029e4b798cbb90f54af6f731af49677857791ccd53a5

Bug Fixes

  • Assert that the internal player object doesn't freakishly fail to allocate.
  • Fully shutdown Phonon's PulseSupport upon destruction of MediaObjects to prevent a randomly occurring shutdown race resulting in a crash somewhere between the threaded pulseaudio mainloop inside libvlc and the glib mainloop inside Phonon. This was a somewhat common crash on application quit usually presenting as a failed assert inside pulsecore/fdsem.c.

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