URL http://download.kde.org/stable/phonon/phonon-backend-gstreamer/4.8.0/phonon-backend-gstreamer-4.8.0.tar.xz.mirrorlist
SHA256 f819cbd6296e1e19579e365902f7930ec8571e8cbb08718484091a795f70587e

Features (from 4.7.80)

  • Switched from GStreamer 0.10 to GStreamer 1.0

Bug Fixes (since 4.7.80)

  • Correct frame format to not result in a blue tint when using Phonon GStreamer in a QGraphicsView (e.g. Gwenview)
  • Prevent a crash in AudioDataOutput when channel count changes during playback [#331916]

Bug Fixes (from 4.7.80)

  • Fixed subtitles auto-loading [#333802]
  • Fixed a typo in AudioDataOutput::processBuffer that could cause a crash under certain conditions [#338214]
  • Fixed various memory leaks and optimized memory management [commit 0bf6eb92]

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