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  • Discuss the use of Phonon for use in games
  • QtDeclarative support (AudioOutput, MediaObject etc.) - apachelogger has plans
  • Attract more developers
  • Improve QA process && bug triage
  • Discuss KDE's stable updates policy and decide whether to implement it -> would allow for Phonon patch updates to land in Ubuntu updates without much hassle for downstream
  • Make the overly generous supreme general overlord master king emperor apachelogger overlord of kde mm
  • Stable Update Policy [yay]
  • AbstractMediaStream2
  • How to fix KIO streaming


  • Statemachine [Pending Impl]
  • Support VLC 1.2 one way or another
  • Remove KDE dependencies, such as install paths etc. (increasing logic necessary in the factory)

Phonon Five

  • General API design
    • Make simple things simpler (remove/hide mediagraph?)
    • Build list of all requirements known
    • Consult with downstream to find missing requirements
    • Low level access? PCM/Frames
  • QML 2
  • Define target audience
    • Music Players
    • Video Players
    • Multimedia Players
    • Software that needs to play one sound/video file ever so often
      • Gwenview (video usage), Muon (easter egg plays audio)
    • Games????

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