16th JUNE 2011

  • Committed my first code here (scratch/hegde/fancy-bookmarking)
  • Creation of new resource using Nepomuk::Resource for each bookmarked page is done successfully.
  • Tagging is done successfully.
  • Read plasma-mobile/dataengines/metadata/bookmarks. Discussed about bookmarking stuff with sebas.

17th JUNE 2011

  • Redesigned the UI by making use of Layouts.
  • Implementation of webpage rating is completed successfully.
  • Gone through nepomuk data layout and read NFO completely.

18th JUNE 2011

  • Committed the code to scratch repo,(License has been added to each file and executable variables have been changed to lower case).

19th JUNE 2011

  • Basic bookmarking is completed successfully
   Features included in this basic version
   1.Edit URL,create Tags,add Comments,Rating,linking with regular files
   2.Data validation and exception handling
  • Little bit code cleanup-variables renaming(proper,meaningful naming)

22nd JUNE 2011

  • Fixed all coding mistakes according to Sebastian's comments

23rd JUNE 2011

  • Started reading about konqueror and rekonq integration
  • Read nepomukextras (resourceselectiondialog and newsourcedialog)

24th JUNE 2011

  • Discussed with Konqueror and rekonq developers and figured out rekonq doesn't support plugins as of now :(
  • Started working with rekonq source code and created a dialog in existing rekonq browser.

25th JUNE 2011

  • Integrated my existing code with rekonq.(some what successful)

27th JUNE 2011

  • According to rekonq developers' suggestion,started working with separate rekonq version of fancy-bookmarking.
  • Implemented UI by editing existing "edit bookmark widget"

28th JUNE 2011

  • Created basic functionalities of fancy-bookmarking for rekonq.

29th JUNE 2011

  • Worked with "remove bookmark" related stuffs
  • UI cleanup (previously I had just edited existing UI,now replaced entire old UI by my new UI)
  • Created a new branch called fancy-bookmarking under rekonq and pushed my code

1st JULY 2011

  • Code cleanup according to Vishesh's comments

2nd JULY 2011

  • Worked with ' Relate to resource ' feature of rekonq - fancy bookmarking
  • Worked with Link to PIMO::resources using nepomukextras/resourceselectiondialog

3rd JULY 2011

  • Written a blog post about my project' current state
  • Created a video for demonstration purpose

4th JULY 2011

  • Started working again with konqueror version of fancy bookmarking.
  • Created Link to resource feature for PIMO::Tasks,PIMO::Projects and PIMO::PersonContact

5th JULY 2011

  • Bit code cleanup
  • looked at how to list recently used resources and some query related stuffs

6th JULY 2011

  • Started working with konqueror service menus
  • Created a service menu for my project. Tried to convert my project as a plugin.

Could not do it at the end :(

  • Discussed with wyuka regarding improvements of rekonq-fancy bookmarking

7th JULY 2011

  • Created a new dialog called ResourceLinkDialog for searching and linking different resources.
  • Worked around retrieving different resources using nepomuk::query but couldn't able to display it in the QListViewer.Came across some problems with Utils::SimpleResourceModel.
  • UI improvements according to wyuka's suggestions.

8th JULY 2011

  • SimpleResourceModel problem solved. QListView shows 10 resources(selected type) randomly.
  • Implemented dynamic searching of resources using Nepomuk::QueryParser

9th JULY 2011

  • Implemented Resource Linking: Webpage now can be related to selected resource
  • UI modification,code cleanup

11th JULY 2011

  • Created newresourcedialog for creating new resources of selected type.

12th JULY 2011

  • Code cleanup
  • Pushed the updated code to rekonq/fancy-bookmarking

14th JULY 2011

  • Started working with trueg and vHanda's comments.
  • Discussed with mck182 regarding PIMO::Person and read his code related to pimo::person viewer
  • Posted a mail to rekonq mailing list for ideas regarding GUI and discussed with wyuka

15th JULY 2011

  • Started working with Tags and GUI
  • Now createTag box shows recommendations while creating a new tag.(QCompleter is assigned with exising tags i.e, Nepomuk::Tag::allTags() has been assigned to QCompleter )
  • Created a Label for showing existing tags for a bookmarked webpage.

16th - 20th JULY 2011

  • Created a label for showing all tags which are associated with a webpage. Update that tag list as soon as the new tag is created.
  • New resource viewer inside resourcelinkdialog for showing all previously linked resources. An unlink button as well.
  • Modified existing query using QueryServiceClient.
  • PIMO::Person instead of NCO::PersonContact.
  • Bit modification in the GUI

21st-27th JULY 2011

I was in a leave. I was out of station for some personal work. So couldn't do anything in this week. I will cover my last week's work in this week.

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