KDE neon User Edition 5.6 Release Notes

KDE neon User Edition 5.6 has been released.

What's in the Release

KDE neon is a way to get the latest KDE Plasma and related software. Our installable images can be installed from a USB drive as an operating system to your hard disk. We are pleased to have implemented the main features of KDE neon and take off the tech preview label.

It is available on a rapidly updated continuous delivery model with installable images and a package archive.

It contains:

  • KDE Plasma 5.6
  • KDE Frameworks 5.22
  • Applications selected by KDE's Visual Design Group to work well with KDE Plasma: Kate, Firefox, Konsole, KDE Connect, VLC, Spectacle, Dolphin, Print Manager. We will now start adding all KDE applications to our package archive.

It uses the stable base of Ubuntu 16.04LTS.

We build our software using modern devops technologies that scan for the latest released sources and automatically integrate that with our packaging to make it available to users quickly and smoothly. Technologies used include Jenkins, Ruby, Aptly, Docker and on demand cloud computers.

Download the installable images now:

How to Get News and Help

We use social media channels to give updates to the project and user support forums.


User Support:

How to install

  • Take a backup of anything on your computer you don't want to lose. Installable is reliable but mistakes can happen which can wipe the hard disk.
  • Download a .iso file, these are large images which will take a while to download
  • Download ROSA Image Writer
  • Plug an unused USB disk into your computer
  • Use ROSA to write the Neon image to the USB disk
  • Reboot your computer and in the firmware boot from the USB disk, how you do this is different on every computer but needs boot device to be changed to USB drive which will be a hidden setting at the start of turning on the computer
  • KDE neon will load as a live image running from the USB drive, if you want to install it to the hard disk click the installer and follow the instructions. You can resize existing operating system installs to select between them at boot time.
  • Reboot into a running KDE neon
  • New releases of KDE Plasma and other software will be available fresh every day, use Update Manager to get the latest

Notable Issues

  • For notable problems in Plasma see Plasma 5.6 Errata
  • Package manager Plasma Discover does not display any content until a package update (apt update) is run
  • Ratings in Plasma Discover do not work for apps #363611
  • Initial appstream database is empty and can not be updated on live system #363844
  • We ship Qt 5.6 so packages which only work with Qt 5.5 will not install. This includes Calibri and Qt widget themes.
  • Shutdown hangs for 2 minutes #363851

Reporting Bugs

Found a beastie? We are part of KDE so just report it on If the bug is part of the application report it there. If the bug is part of the packaging then report it on neon. Currently the installer is Ubiquity from Ubuntu so you can try reporting bugs on Launchpad.

Minimum Requirements

Installing KDE neon requires:

  • 64-bit PC (Intel or AMD)
  • 2GB memory
  • 10GB disk space

Press Kit

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