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Qt framework

Status Description Difficulty
IN PROGRESS Compile and run all test and benchmarks, also make sure they pass Easy

IN PROGRESS QSystemTrayIcon Medium

IN PROGRESS x86 support Medium

IN PROGRESS Android style plugin.Qt apps must look the same as native Android apps. Hard

IN PROGRESS Android menus simulation/use. We need to find a way to use android native menus. Hard

TO DO Find a way to compile for all android platforms at once, switch to QBS Medium <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Difficulty
IN PROGRESS x86 support Easy

TO DO Switch to QBS, is the only way to compile for all android platforms at once Hard <{{{3}}}>


Support all android platforms

Status Description Difficulty
TO DO Contacts implementation needs to be reviewd/rewritten, it crashes on my phone with 150+ contacts. Medium <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Check all mobility modules Medium <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Multimedia module Hard <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Proper camera implementation Hard <{{{3}}}>



  • QtWebKit 2.2.x is still 2x times slower than Google's WebKit.

Android QML Controls

Create Android QML Controls which looks and feel like native Android controls, you have to use Ministro's extracted look & feel data for every device which is already used by classic controls. To find out how to use the data, please take a look to qandroidstyle plugin. Yes we know that there are a some implementation out there based on MeeGO/Symbian implementations, the problem is that apps made using these implementation looks & feels like MeeGO/Symbian apps not like Android apps.


  • QBS is extremely important for QtCreator used by Necessitas project, it will actually make the difference between another IDE for Android and the IDE for Android.

Status Description Difficulty
TO DO Find a better way to probe the toolchains and platforms, check this and this threads. Hard <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Find a way to configure the projects Hard <{{{3}}}>

Platform Issues


  • Make it so that the Windows version can be built from Linux (mingw cross compiler support, quite a lot of work, esp. building Python which needs to run itself to compile the modules under Wine)
  • Fix make.exe -j support (would help with building on Windows as otherwise it requires baby-sitting).
  • Add support to 7za and installer-framework for symbolic links on Windows (see msdos command mklink) so there's no need to remove symlinks from the packages (and also MinGW's ln program)
  • Fix webkit build failure on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Fix installer framework so that it can install from local packages folder instead of always having to use the network -> this already works on Mac OS X (just modify config.xml to use file:/usr/www/ etc), but not on Windows (where it works partially, updates.xml is loaded but nothing else); I'm not sure about Linux, maybe add a command line option to override the repo url?