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Can I call a C++ method from JAVA?

Yes, using JNI ! Check this example.

Can I call a JAVA method from C++?

Yes, using JNI ! Check this example.

I need Audio support

Sadly, currently Qt has no built in multimedia support ATM, if you need to play wav files, Android API-9 is coming with OpenSLES support, if you want to play other formats you can use Android MediaPlayer , check this example.

For an example on how to use OpenSLES, see here.

I don't like the android style plugin, can I switch back to the old one?

Yes you can. There are two options way to do it:

  • if you want to use the old plugin with the android palette and fonts, then AFTER you create the application object set the style to plastique: QApplication::setStyle(new QPlastiqueStyle);
  • if you want to disable the new plugin completely (no palette and fonts) then you have edit the and set QT_USE_ANDROID_NATIVE_STYLE environment variable to 0.